What do YOU do while waiting in lines?


Squirrelly as all heck
Jan 2, 2001
During our first WDW trip, this past October, we encountered next to no liines. Most rides were walk-ons or at most a 10 minute wait. We didn't even get to experience the great scenery in the ques. Since we will be without our kids on this trip, thereby illiminating our parenting duties, and assuming that the lines will be longer we were hoping to get some ideas on how to spend our time more productively.

I hope to do some serious people watching, one of my favorite pastimes, and to jot down some notes so I can write up an accurate trip report.

Any other ideas?

Usually I people watch or look at my brochure/map for where I am headed next. Note that I am not one of those who has every thing preplanned, I like it better that way. If I miss something, that gives me an excuse to go back...;) I love to look at the wait area too and look for all the little details that Disney has put in. Last trip, after reading these boards, I also looked for hidden Mickeys.
I take a supply of paperbacks and catch up on my reading. It makes the time go by very quickly and combines 2 of my favorite things--reading and WDW. I also do journaling and take photos. Enjoy!
I talk to people. Big surprize, huh. ;)

I found that after I started pin trading it was very easy to begin conversations while waiting in line. I'll wear a lanyard or two and that's the ice breaker. Even without pins, most people are friendly and in a good mood so it's easy to chat. You could meet people from all over the World while in line.

I also like to chat with the CM's if they have time. If you are at WDW for an extended time you'll see the same CM's and it's fun to meet up again.

Photography is my other big hobby. That's tough to do while standing in line though. Someone's big head always gets in the way. There are a few people, I'm convinced, who block you on purpose too. I take my photos "on the fly" while walking around.

We didn't encounter any waiting time during DISCON. Last May we had some waits but not long ones. We just talked usually or people watched. Sometimes we just held hands and giggled about stuff. It was fun :)
I also talk to people. You do get to meet all kinds of people from different countries at WDW. I also when traveling alone bring a book or two in my backpack. I also volunteer to take pictures of people who are traveling together. they are really gratefully for this - a hint if you are there and want a picture taken of your group then most CM are happy to do it if you ask if you don't find a stranger willing.


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