what can I do in USA that I can't do in UK


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Jan 27, 2002
We are visiting WDW for the 5th time in August and now that the children are older we would love to do something different during our stay - like a drive-in movie or a baseball game - basically something all american that we can't do here in the UK.

Anyone got any ideas - I'd appreciate them.
If your kids are school age or older, I'd recommend going over to the Kennedy Space Center. It's about an hour away (what's that old joke? What's the difference between the U.S. and U.K. ?In the UK 100 miles is a long way, in the U.S. 100 years is a long time.)

Anyhow, it's an amazing experience and very rahrah America. We met tons of international folks over there and there's plenty to do with kids.

They play minor league baseball at the Wide World of Sports right at WDW. That's always fun.
Drive on the right side of the road! (Sorry, I just couldn't help myself! :rolleyes: )

I think you may have a hard time finding a drive-in movie.... They seem to belong to a bye-gone era...

Try Disney's Wide World of Sports for a base ball game, ect. I don't care to watch sports, and baseball seems excessively slow to me, but you may be able to find more info at www.disneyworldsports.com

Good luck!

Head for the Everglades and take an airboat ride. Depending upon the operator you select, you could learn about the Seminole tribe culture and the Everglades, all in one trip!

Take a St. John's River cruise. Again, depending upon where you do this, you can also rent a canoe or kayak for your own tour of a portion of the river.

Head for a southwest Florida beach area. Tampa Bay/St. Petersburgh is the closest to WDW, but if you head further south there are some very wonderful places, Sanibel, Captiva, Marco Island, etc. Fort De Soto, near St. Petersburgh is a very nice state park. You can fish from the pier and have a picnic/barbecue if you wanted.

St. Augustine offers tours of the surrounding bodies of water via boat, or of the town itself, via a trolley. It is a very nice place for a walking tour, as well.

Hmmm...a little tricky trying to separate activities between what is available in the US vs UK! There is a pretty good touring guide out, Florida on a Tank Full, that has a wealth of ideas for day trips.

Have fun!:)

Wow. That's a really good question.

Depending on when you are coming in August, the Tampa Bay american football team may be holding practices at Wide World of Sports. It doesn't get much more American than the NFL. (It will be boring though to most who watch "real" football.)

Actually, it might be even better to try to find a local high school football team that's playing during your visit. The best option might be to see the University of Central Florida if they have a home game. In many towns all across the country, going to the local high school or college game is a fall tradition. UCF opens the season at home on September 5th.


Failling that, a baseball game would be great.
Not sure when you are coming, but how about a Nascar race @ Daytona.
Fort Wilderness has a FREE campfire, singalong, and outdoor movie (kind of like a drive-in without the cars). We did this last Sunday night and had fun. Very Old West-Summer camp Americana! The campfire program starts around 6:45pm during the winter, 7:45 in the summer. It is located at the Meadows area of the Fort Wilderness Campground (drive or take a bus to FW, then take any of their internal buses to the Meadow area).

The CMs start up the campfires when it gets dark- everyone gathers around and roasts marshmallows (you can bring your own, or buy s'mores kits at the Chuck Wagon snack bar next to the campfire area). A cowboy singer comes up on the stage and leads a singalong of old campfire songs and stuff like the Hokey Pokey, etc, then Chip and Dale come out and pose for pics and autographs with guests. About an hour into the campfire, the Disney movie of the day- anything from classic animated features to the latest live action releases- starts on the big outdoor screen. There are benches and areas where you can lay out a blanket or lawn chairs.


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