What are the dates for the Disney Club discounts?


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Jan 21, 2000
I was wondering what dates correspond with what percentages off for the Disney Club discount. Does anyone have the list that tells the discount percents handy?
I have the list. Do you have a time frame or resort in mind. It's kinda extensive to list here.
Late November/early December and May are my months of interest. Thanks! :)
Deluxe and Home away from Home : 15% 11/3-1/9 10% 2/14-7/3.
Moderates : 20% 11/3-12/19 and 15% 2/14 - 8/24

Value Resorts: 20% 11/3 - 12/19 and 15% 2/14 - 8/24

Hope this helps you during your time frame. There are other time frames avail, but it wasn't during the time you asked.:)

Thanks a bunch! My list is at home and I'm at college right now, so I couldn't get to it. :)


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