What’s better - one day with express pass or two days with no express?


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Oct 22, 2017
We would have early admission either way. The day in question would probably be Monday, October 14th, because it’s that or the day before and I assume Sunday of Columbus Day weekend would be busier than Monday. So...one day park to park with the universal unlimited pass or two days park to park, no pass?
  • SarahD112

    Earning My Ears
    Oct 22, 2017
    You are really not giving enough information to make the call.
    We’re going to be there October 13 & 14. Trying to decide which is better - two days in the parks with early entry or one day in the parks with early entry and the unlimited express pass.


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    Jul 22, 2017
    I vote 2 days no express, especially if you are able to use single rider lines. Early morning and later at night will have minimal waits even with no express. The Universal App lists wait times which will be helpful in the middle of the day. If you plan to ride Hagrids, EP is not offered (probably not yet by Oct, but who knows). 2 days gives time to explore a bit, a buffer for if a ride is down (esp Hagrids), and time to enjoy more restaurants.


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    Apr 21, 2003
    For over a decade, I went to UO yearly that included the Columbus Day weekend.
    That weekend was crowded in the parks and that Monday also. Each year more came to UO

    I had the hotel ep and it helped but still had to deal with large crowds and lines the past two years.

    I switched my annual HHN trip this year to start end of September and return home days before the CD period. My plans will keep e away from an over crowded park

    Last two years had large crowds for the Sunday and Monday for the time period and decided I needed to avoid the Cday holiday period
    Many take advantage of a day off work and hit the parks on Monday especially if they skipped the weekend due to hhn.

    You are better off to be in the park early that Sunday and do the rides you came for to do
    Avoid long lines for rides as best as you can before noon.
    Anytime after that, It could be crowded and long lines to get around the park.

    You should go early to the park on the Monday and do as much as you can before guests start to come into the parks.
    Many locals might have the holiday off work and want to come to the parks.
    Get most of your day done and take an early dinner at City Walk.

    Many hit the parks on that holiday Monday not knowing many others have the same plan.

    This all lightens up Tuesday and the parks get back to a calmer less crowded park as no hHn occurs that day.

    If the Sunday and Monday is the plan for your trip., take your patience with you and have a plan to be in the parks when they first open.
    So part of the day can be pleasant for you until the afternoon. plan your meals in the park at off times.

    Wish you the best fun at UO during the hhn weekend period

    I moved my dates for this year as I got tired of crowds
    I don't feel the week before for hhn will be at packed as it is during the weekend.

    Orlando Informer had information about crowds at hhn..
    Decided to make my vacation around dates where crowds were lower and less people

    I wish you the best for your family vacation.

    Go early in the morining and beat long line waits and crowds!
    Rest of your date set your pace for rides you will have to wait for.
    Eat at off times so you don't feel like you have to rush.

    Lastly, have a great time !


    May 13, 2015
    Depends on why you are going to Universal. If you want to ride and don't care about much else, I'd go with the EP/1 day option. I go Thanksgiving week, which is pretty busy and EP can cut your wait time down by anywhere from 50% to 90%. So if rides are your thing, you'll probably get on more in 1 day with EP vs 2 days without it.

    But if shows, food and the general park atmosphere are important, then I'd do 2 says.
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  • bchbetha

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    Jan 27, 2016
    2 days. You’ll be able to focus on them atmosphere not just sprinting from ride to ride.


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