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Feb 17, 2000
We are planning to go to Palo's for the first time on our May cruise. In trying to figure out the best night for us I've been trying to figure out the dining rotation. We will be 4 adults and we usually have the LAP rotation. Based on the menu's and navigators at Barb's site I have come up with this rotation. Can anyone who has been on the Western look it over and see if I have the nights right please:

Night 1 - Lumieres - Regular Menu

Night 2 - Animators Palate - Regular Menu

Night 3 - Parrot Cay - Regular Menu - Formal Night

Night 4 - Lumieres - Master Chef Series

Night 5 - Animators Palate - Mexicalifragilisiticexpialidocious

Night 6 - Parrot Cay - Captains Gala - Formal Night

Night 7 - Lumieres - It's a Small World

If the above is correct I think we'll try for Palo's on night 3 since it is a formal night and we won't mind missing the Parrot Cay menu.
If I have it wrong we'll have to rethink.

So Western cruisers what is the rotation?
We had that rotation on our Western cruise. LAP. It is correct. We did Palo's on night 4.

Thanks WDWLVR & Mjasp-- that is the info I've been looking for -- We were thinking of going to Palo's on Wed - since there is no show - but now I like the idea of skipping the regular Menu at Parrot Cay.
We were on the 7/6 western and also skipped Parrot Cay for Palo. Just a note though, the food served on a particular night is the same in all three resturants. We were under the impression that what is being served in Lumiere's on Tues (for ex) was different from Parrot Cay and Animator's Pallet on Tues. That isn't so- the menu is exactly the same. So if you didn't like the Parrot Cay menu, don't take it out on Parrot Cay. You would have had the same menu no matter where you ate that night. The exception is Palo. Their menu is different than what is being served in the other three. On lobster night, you can get lobster at Palo that night, too.

So choose your Palo night on more than the menu. Pick the atmosphere you like the least and do Palo on that night.


While that is true for some of the nights it is my understanding that the first three nights each have their regular menus - which means that each of the different resturants have their own menus that night. That changes the rest of the nights on the cruise as that is when you get into the Master Chef series, Small World series, etc. and in those cases it is the same in all three resturants at the same time.
Hi Mary! That is my understanding also - that those first three nights, each restaurant has its own unique menu. And given that, I would <I>gladly</I> opt out of the regular menu at Parrot Cay!

Very interesting. When we took the Galley Tour they said all resturants have the same menu each night. They said this was so no one would be able to say that the food in one resturant was perferable over another.

What's the real story here? Veterans?
Well . . . Has anyone ever seen the Herb-Crusted Sea Bass on the menu at Parrot Cay, or the Cuban Steak :-( on the menu at Triton's or Lumiere's? Not me!


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