Weird question about rapid testing..


Jan 14, 2017
So how do they do the rapid tests for travel at pharmacies? (particularly Walmart) Do they shove it right down your nose or just in the tip of your nose? Do they swab your throat as well?

Thanks so much. Sorry for the weird post. I'm kind of freaking out about it! lol


Aug 9, 2007
Ours was in the nose, but not as far as they seem to have done at the testing sites. Your mileage may vary :-)

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Apr 18, 2005
If you have the home RAT kits it's the same. Basically the swab only goes in as far as the fold on the side of your nostril. If it makes you feel any better I have to get tested 4 times a week at work. Last year we had weekly PCR's too. I stopped counting at around 50 I think but easily had more than 70.