Weight/Size Restrictions for Luggage

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Ur Friend, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. Ur Friend

    Ur Friend Earning My Ears

    Aug 12, 2004
    Does anyone know if there are any weight and size restrictions for the luggage you check-in and your carry on?
  2. videogal1

    videogal1 DIS Veteran

    Jul 22, 2003
    The carry-on luggage has to fit through the scanner, as for boarding an airplane, DCL has no weight limit for luggage. The official instructions say two bags but there are many exceptions who are not tossed overboard for the crime of overpacking... 27 bags is the most I've heard of...
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  3. jordgubben

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    Jun 9, 2003
    I suppose the response above begs the question, so what size bag will fit through the scanner?
  4. scrapperjill

    scrapperjill DIS Veteran

    Apr 4, 2004
    They have scanners simular to the ones at the airport....so if your within the size requirement for airlines..you should be just fine. Larger pieces can always be sent ahead with a porter. As for limit on how many...I don't think they really care...it's your room once aboard..and your space that you'll be using with all the additional luggage. We WAY overpacked on our trip...and never again will we bring so much. (I say that now...but I guess we'll see come October).
  5. tvguy

    tvguy Question anything the facts don't support.

    Dec 15, 2003
    For the ship probably not, but are you flying? With a few exceptions (Jetblue for one) the weight limit is 50 pounds per bag, 2 checked bags per person for airlines.

    One lady post she took 7 large suitcases for 4 people......what on earth she left at home I don't know, because we took 2 large suitcases for 4 people on a 7 day and overpacked. And she had little kids....my son is 6'2" as am I, and we both packed suits.....DW is 5'7" and DD is 5'8", so we don't have small clothing.

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