Watching the Dec 14 solar eclipse from Orlando

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    Now to the reason for my post - solar eclipses are very rare and memorable events. On this upcoming DECEMBER 14, a partial solar eclipse will be visible from the majority of the continental US. For those of you who will be at Disney World at the time, you will make sure to include this event in your trip schedule!

    What is particularly special about this eclipse when viewed from Florida is that the sun will set just minutes after the maximum. This means that you will want to be at an elevated position, preferably the observation deck of the Contemporary Resort, or at least a spot from which you have an unobstructed view of the western horizon. If I recall WDW's geography correctly, the partially eclipsed sun should set somewhere "behind" or near the Grand Floridian from the Contemporary.

    I recommend getting there no later than 4pm, just in case lots of people are there, and to see the moon starting to eat its way into the sun at 4:12pm. The sun will be 14 degrees above the horizon at that point. The maximum, at which 44.6% of the sun's area will be eclipsed, occurs at 5:22, followed by the sunset exactly 6 minutes later.

    For further information, please refer to .

    And keep in mind to use proper tools to look at the sun - sunglasses will NOT protect your eye from taking damage!
    Solar filters, welding glasses, or projection methods are recommended. It's especially important to let your kids know about this!

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