Want a great meal at City Walk?!


Love the wineauxs!
Apr 20, 2000
Just wanted to recommend the Latin Quarter restaurant at City Walk to all of you who will be visiting or if you live in the area. We finally had a chance to try it last night. The food/service are oustanding. Entertainment was wonderful. What a treat...can't wait to go back again, there are numerous things on the menu we want to try.

Hubby had Chilean Sea Bass, he love it...Son had surf/turf...we just watched his eyes and laughed...it was too wonderful for words, daughter had some kabob thing with grilled corn and rice...wow, and I had the Cumin chicken with mango sauce and garlic mashed potatoes..yummy.

Two thumbs up from this family! :)
You mentioned you enjoyed the entertainment--was there live music when you were there for dinner? We have teenagers and were wondering if they would be able to see some of the entertainment in CityWalk at night or if it is just for over 21 after a certain time. Thanks.
City Walk is definately for grown ups, there were children in the restaurant eating (young ones) but after the meal(after a certain time at night), I am sure they are not allowed to stay. I am sure the 9 year old would enjoy the restaurant and the meal, the other kids seemed to be, especially when the dancers came out.

We left the restaurant around 9pm and the kids 22 & 18 wanted to go into The Groove, we were going to head over to Bob Marley's. We were not allowed in any of the clubs unless we left her outside. This we did not like, but I can understand it, and so could she, she said the younger crowd just causes too much trouble..she has seen it over and over again. So, we said the heck with it and drove home.

The entertainment was dancers performing different latin dances. The were very good. ;)
Let's try this again, the clubs are 21 and over, but there is usually live entertainment outside...it was kind of rainy last night and the live entertainment was gated off...must of been something special going on. ;)


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