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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by andee515, Jan 28, 2013.

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    It's my year of Disney:dance3:!!!! I have never got an AP, because we live in texas and go about every 12-24 months. But I found 2 conferances I can go to, one Nov 2013 and one in March 2014 so AP sounds the way to go and I plan on making 2 or 3 smaller trips, as well:banana:

    In my mind it seems like if there is a good package for the Nov trip it would make sense to go ahead and book that and then upgrade tickets. If my understanding is correct, you just pay the difference between that ticket value and the AP, right? So, I just wanted to hear some of your experiences doing that and if you feel like that is usually a good deal. Oh, and can you upgrade before your trip or do you have to wait until your at WDW?

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    Make sure you check out post #7 of the Ticket Sticky. It was started by a CM that knows the ins and outs of all things WDW tickets. Post #7 is specifically for upgrading MYW tickets to APs.:thumbsup2

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    We did it in September, we had a 10 day MYW package and while we were there we decided to look into upgrading to Premier APs. We live in Southern California and visit DLR frequently but only sometimes visit WDW. We found that the cost to upgrade was cheaper than buying just Disneyland APs would be when we got home. This got us another year of passes, and we scheduled a return trip for one year later so that we can use the APs with their discount and water park options during our return trip. We then only needed a couple days of park tickets for the days on the second trip once the APs expire.

    I am not sure if the upgrade could be done ahead of time (actually I kind of doubt it) but it can be done anytime once you arrive. We were told incorrectly by a CM that we had to wait to upgrade until our dining credits were used up, but this was not the case. They seperate the tickets from your package and credit you with their cost, then issue the APs. It is a hreat way to go if you can swing it. :thumbsup2

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