Universal Express ??? What is it ???

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Jul 17, 2000
I have read you get it on a multi day ticket.
We are planning to purchase 3 day pass.
Do I have to request it or is it automatic?
What does it mean? Do i get 3 epxress passes per day? Does this mean I get a pass and can go to the front of the line? Where do you get these passes when you get inside the park? I am so confused !!!!
Universal Express is a program that allows you express access to certain rides at a certain time of the day. When I was there in Oct., 2000 it was between 9-11 a.m. When we went through the turnstile we were given a card that listed the rides available. It is limited to once per ride, they mark it off when you enter.

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Universal Express has changed since October. It is now a Fast Pass clone. Multiday ticket holders get 3 Universal Express tickets at once and one-day ticket holders get one Universal Express ticket. You get to choose between two, one hour windows. If you come back during the one hour window, you get to go through the special Universal Express line. You can get another Express ticket after two hours, when you use one ticket, or when your window has expired.


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