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Earning My Ears
Jan 12, 2001
We're taking a 2 day side trip from Disney this yr. to Univ./IOA--never been here before. Are attractions like T2, Twister, Jaws, Kong, Earthquake and Jurassic River Adventure too intense? My boys were scared on Body Wars and Countdown to Extinction at Disney and won't do TOT, Space Mnt. or Aerosmith RNR Coaster. It's usually the fast rides or motion simulated rides that get to them, though. Help! We don't want to waste our length of stay passes at Disney if the boys aren't old enough for Univ./IOA yet. Would greatly appreciate any input.
We just got back from IOA/US with twin (girls) 9 yr olds, who loved and did everything except the big coasters, and my little boy, who turned 6 while we were there. He liked the following:KONG, ET, NUTHOUSE COASTER, MIB, EARTHQUAKE, BEETLEJUICE SHOW,and loved HANNA BARBERRA (where you get to rescue elroy jetson-- it is a motion simulator that felt REALLY JERKY to me,but he loved it, and there were no scary parts). At IOA, he loved PT. FLYERS, UNICORN COASTER, CAT IN THE HAT, ONE FISH, TWO FISH, DISCOVERY CENTER. The things we tried which I thought were too intense for him were: JP RIVER ADVENTURE,(great ride but big drop in total darkness with trex looming), RIPSAW FALLS,SPIDERMAN (my favorite ride with great effects, but the villains come right at you, very realistic, and a big simulated scary fall), T2, and BTTF (REALLY INTENSE AND JERKY).oh, also JAWS. OUT OF THE QUESTION FOR MY BOY. He did go with us thru twister, but DID NOT like it, and huddled on the floor. The rides he did like, however, he went on several times,so he didn't feel like he missed out on anything. (also, we had FOTL passes with our HRH room key, so there were no lines to wait in, if you wanted to repeat a ride)

hope this helps!!
hi, our first trip US/IOA was this past March. We had a blast! We have two kids, dd-41/2, dsbarely 2! It was great! They could have stayed in DR. Suess world for ever! My DD did everything she was tall enough for including spider man! I wish I knew all the rides names but we just stubbled around like lost kids! Too familiar with Disney I guess! So we are headed back in about 2 weeks to do the parks again! Oh the one area I think Nickolodian, bring a bathing suit or change of clothes! They were soaked!

DS was 7 1/2 when we went to IOA and found a few things to be too intense for his liking (Jurassic Park, Spiderman). JP really only bothered him because he was sitting on the side of the boat where the veloceraptor runs along-side as you head up towards the T-Rex.

Spiderman was just too intense, period (though we adults loved it!!)

If you don't mind splitting up for a while, IOA's a wonderful park with rides the kids can enjoy more than once with one parent while the other goes on the "thrill rides". The themeing is just so much fun, even that alone made the park worthwhile for us.


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