Uh, oh we just cancelled our WDTC ressies

Lady Hiss

Jun 14, 2000
We got the AP rate at WL for the same time period (leaving next week) and it seemed like a much better deal than our DC discount through WDTC. Did we goof? Are we going to be paying a huge penalty? I was hoping this would be a RELAXING trip, but all these scrambles to get a good deal are starting to feel like work! :(
May I ask what WDTC is?


I don't know the answer to your question, but does WDTC offer AP rates as well as DC rates? If they do perhaps you could change your existing reservation and not be creating a new one through CRO.
Call WDTC and ask Ladyhiss. This DC discount/WDTC mess is pretty new to us all. Call the 800 # and have them tell you the charges you will be billed for cancelling. I was told $100 fee and possibly one night's stay when I inquired. Others have been told no penalty cancelling up to 5 days ahead. Let us know how it turns out!

Hi Lady Hiss!

The rules for canceling a Basic Plan Package booked with the Disney Club discount is no penalty if you cancel outside of 5 days prior to your arrival. I'm not sure if the policy is the same for other packages booked through WDTC (Walt Disney Travel Company). Unfortunately, WDTC DOES NOT offer AP Holder discounts, so in order to get that rate, you have to change from a package to a room-only reservation through Central Reservations (CRO).

I hope this information is helpful.

Good Luck!


Tammy aka Kaa
Budget Board Co-Moderator

can you tell me? If you have trip insurance on the WDTC ressie with DC discount do you lose that if you cancel?

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Thanks for the info, Kaa. I didn't know DC didn't offer AP discounts. Just another reason not to renew for me.
WDWTREKKER - Trip insurance is non-refundable. If you cancel the package, the trip insurance is deducted from your deposit and you are refunded the difference.

Joyce - I don't know if I misunderstood you or not. You can get a discount on the purchase of an Annual Pass with your Disney Club membership. The Disney Club discount and the Annual Pass Holder discount are two different things. You get one or the other. The biggest difference (besides the amount of the discount) is that to obtain the Disney Club discount, you must book a package through the Walt Disney Travel Company. For the Annual Pass Holder discount, you must book a room-only reservation through Central Reservations.

Hope this helps!


Tammy aka Kaa
Budget Board Co-Moderator

As I figured there is major confusion regarding Walt Disney Travel Company and CRO reservations and cancellation policies. We called CRO to get the AP discounted rate on WL for next week (at least I THINK that's who we called). The CM didn't know what the penalty might be for cancelling the WDTC booked room but we took the AP rate anyway. We had a 'room only' ressie, not a package deal. I'm hopeful there won't be a penalty because we cancelled 5 days before our arrival. I'll let you know if we are charged a penalty as soon as I get a definite answer from an "authority" on the subject. :(


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