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Aug 17, 1999
well I finally got through. I had called earlier and they had a 1 bedroom at boardwalk well I called back 30 minutes later and it was gone I had my heart set on BW ...I went ahead with WL but that is not my cup of tea....I might switch back to my resort OKW.

I tried all day to get thru to MS--only got the busy signal--and I tried various times during the day for a total of about 15 times!

I am trying to line up dates with FF tickets; and really wanted to get it all settled today.

What's up with MS? I couldn't even get thru to get on hold!! Ihope everything is available tomorrow!

Hiya...well I changed to OKW...I would rather have that than WL. I did get through just had to wait 20 minutes or so. They have 60 people. Just hold on. -Cris
Monday is the busiest day of the week for ressies. That could explain your busy signals and hold times.
Since Monday is so busy, why do they not
stay open till 7 p.m. on Monday instead
of Thursday? Anyone know why Thursday
for a later work day?

Just curious.....

"Pix" :)
I think Monday is busier in the morning, particularly at 9 am ET until the rush ends. This is a natural consequence of MS being closed on the weekend so reservations can first be made for three different departure dates every Monday, corresponding to the 11/7 months prior to Saturady, Sunday, and Monday. I'm not certain that having late hours would alleviate the rush which I assume occurs in the morning.

When I find the MS 800-number is real busy, I sometimes go to the 407 number (see the back of your membership card) and pay for the call. I have always gotten through right away (although I then wait in the queue the same as with the 800 number, but no busy signal/redial cycles needed).

I have no idea why it is Thursday rather than Monday. But, Monday is, indeed, the busiest day, as the recording will sometimes tell you.

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