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Dec 24, 2001
I just read the menu for Tritons over on another site, a very good one too Barb, but it does not sound like there are a lot of seafood choices on the menus???????
I was hoping for a little more . We live in the midwest and I can get beef and pork and chicken anytime I want something that swims or crawls on the bottom ! Is this menu current and/or when do they change them ??? any help will be appreciated.

Only 13 days to go..........we're so excited............
if you looked at our site which I'm gathering by the "Barb" reference. They were updated after our Thanksgiving cruise. The Tritons menu is the same as Lumiere on the Magic. It is a far cry from the Tritons menu that we had on the 2nd Wonder cruise where there were 5 seafood entries. By the way try the "sea bass" it's excellent. But if you are looking for lobster and crab, I'm sorry to say that except for the Lobster/crab wrapper appetizer in Animators you are not going to find them offered on the Wonder.

If you were wondering, Parrot Cay used to have Lobster tails, Animators used to have cold crab legs appetizer and also a sushi combo plate appetizer. Tritons used to have a excellent Lobster bisque. Ah the old days.

DCL has made the menu changes in response to the comment cards. Seems like most families didn't enjoy the fine dining entries, they rather have meat and potatoes entries.
Is it just me, or does having an "all-seafood" menu at Triton's seem a bit ironic? :) (based on a few of the songs from The Little Mermaid)

(Personally, I don't really care if Triton's had stayed with the seafood menu or has the Lumiere's menu, since I don't really like either. It's a good night to head to Palo, IMO.)

If they have done away with the seafood menu on the Wonder I guess I had better stock up on seafood at WDW then:(
I had the lobster tail somewhere, can't remember which resturant, onboard, and it was GREATTTTTT!


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