Traveling with an Infant


Earning My Ears
Dec 28, 2011
Advice on traveling with an infant. For our upcoming cruise we will be traveling with our 12 year old daughter and infant Son, who will be 8 months old during the cruise. For our return flight, we will be flying from Orlando to California. I’m looking at flights and debating between 2 options.
Option 1: 2:05pm flight the day we return with 1hr40min stop over in ATL (8 hours and 40min duration)
Option 2: 11:15 am flight the following day nonstop (6 hours and 10min duration)
Would option 1 be a long day for an infant? We would take a shuttle to the airport and wait until our flight. For option 2, we would get a rental car near the port and stay at a hotel near Disney Springs and return the car at MCO the following morning.
If you have the time, I think option 2 is better but option 1 is doable. We did plenty of long travel days with our kids and it works fine, I just hate layovers so try to avoid them at all costs.
I would go with option 2. Only 1 descent that might cause ear pain vs. 2. Your child might nap better on 1 long flight vs. having naptime broken up by a layover.
I'd go with option 2. If you'd said your stopover was Chicago or somewhere halfway, then maybe option 1, but the flight to Atlanta will be, what, an hour? Then you have to wait and then it's a long flight anyway. And as Geomom said, only one assault on the ears for a little one. Bring a soother for sucking. Or have a bottle ready, because the sucking will help with the ears if there's a problem.

Also, if you can afford it, get the premium seats so you have a little extra space to have your DS on your lap or even so he can lay down on you for a nap.


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