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Apr 12, 2000
In what denominations would you take travelers checks? I am going to get mine here soon and want to know the 'best' to get.
Knowing my dh he will want like $1000 or $500 but if Im not buying something of that large of purchase, Id hate carrying around that kind of change on me.
Would $100's be the best? or $20's?

Rachel in Alaska
Mom to Joey 9
Taking him to Disney for the first time March 23, 2001
<font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color=navy>I'd say do the $100's. Signing all those $20's gets to be a pain after awhile.

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Im hoping not to spend too too much $$$ ;) when we're there. Since everything is paid for already (minus food, even that, 3 days is paid for)...

How much do you think on average (just a round about) do you spend @ Disneyland minus getting in and food?

Rachel in Alaska
Mom to Joey 9
Taking him to Disney for the first time March 23, 2001
I used to buy Traveler's checks when I would take trips overseas, but in 30 years of traveling to over 40 countries, I've never really needed them. If you are concerned about theft, an undergarmet money belt may be a better value then spending the money buying traveler's check.

We're not much of money belters.... :/ Im gonna take my fanny pack, dh is taking his wallet. Pick pocketers are not common in DL are they??
Dh actually makes me nervous w/a wallet :D he is kind of a airhead at times. :rolleyes:

Rachel in Alaska
Mom to Joey 9
Taking him to Disney for the first time March 23, 2001
My first trip to DL was in Jun 98. I was attending a 5-day seminar at the Disneyland Pacific (now Paradise Pier) so I was by myself. One afternoon I was waiting in line for Splash Mountain when I noticed a little boy (around 9 or 10 years old)working his way up the line. At first I thought he was just trying to cut in line, but when he got behind me he stopped. There were 2 girls (19 or 20 years of age) behind me, and they seemed a little surprized at the boy, but didn't confront him. I thought as long as he wasn't cutting line in front of me, I would keep out of it.

I've been in a lot of third world countries where pickpocketing is a way of life, so I generally stay aware of where my wallet is in relation to other people. I noticed that whenever I shifted from one direction to the other, the little boy would also move (i.e. he was basically trying to stay near my wallet). In crowds I hook my hands in my jean pockets and touch my wallet with my thunb. That way there is no way to get my wallet without me feeling it move. The little boy kept tracking my butt (i.e. wallet) for a few more minutes and finally I looked straight at him kind of hard. He then looked out into the crowd and I saw a hispanic man make a hand signal to the kid. The kid (also an hispanic) just disappeared. After he left, the two girls behind my started laughing and asked me how I knew the little boy was trying to lift my wallet.

So although DL (and WDW) are generally safe places with excellent security, never let your guard down because it only takes one thief out of hundreds of thousands of innocent people to ruin your vacation.

Fanny packs (especially if on your behind) are an excellent target for thiefs. They can unzip them
(or even use a razor to slice them open) and take things without people ever knowing it.

In heavy crowds, putting a wallet in your front pants might help. Believe me, crooks can be amazngly inventive when it comes around to stealing from honest people.
Thanks, my fanny packs stays up close on me... I can not wear a purse (shoulders are funky) nor put in my pants (due to a disability) so for me, the fan pack works, plus Im more aware of my surroundings.

I am however, worried about my dh. :( He is seriously a airhead... ;/

Oh yeah he isnt allowed to have his own travelers checks :D he can have like one that can fit in his wallet (like ONE $50 *rofl*) b/c he knows he is apt to loose it.

Rachel in Alaska
Mom to Joey 9
Taking him to Disney for the first time March 23, 2001 :D


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