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Apr 1, 2001
Dh has decided that we are going to take the train down to WDW. I made the reservations yesterday. After getting my booking number and charging my credit card the man in reservations tells me there is no checked baggage and that we are allowed two pieces of carry on only. Has anyone run into this??? I don't mind bringing on my luggage, but they aren't all "carry on " size. After all there are four of us for 6 days. Will there be room for us and our suitcases? We don't have a compartment, just seats. Help.
Hmmm... We traveled on Amtrak in 1998, and we each checked two bags. We were able to do this on each leg of our trip.

The policy may have changed since then, but I would think that if they were to disallow checked baggage, then they would have far fewer people traveling by train - how are you supposed to take a week's vacation with only carry-on luggage?

We, DH and I took Amtrak to WDW last year, we were not able to check our bags in Boston, however when we changed trains in DC, we were than able to check our bags. the train from Boston had ample space at the front of our couch car to store our bags and there is also an area overhead for stuff you may want to have access to during you 1st lage of the trip. They was talk of Amtrack extending the route to Boston, don't know if they did this yet. When we went we had to either change in NYC or DC and then continue on to Florida. It is a Long trip, bring a good book or some games to keep you busy. Hope this has helped you and have a great trip!:D :D
Thanks to both of you. I called Amtrak back yesterday to find out exactly what the policy was and the gentleman didn't specify that every train we would be on was this way (I think it might just be the boston to NY leg of the trip), but he did say that we would have plenty of room. Thank goodness. Not only do we have luggage, but also DS's stoller & Booster seat.

Thanks Again,:)


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