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How Do You Feel About The OKW Pool?

  • OKW Member - I support a dues increase to add a slide.

  • OKW Member - More than a slide is needed. Bigger increase for a complete new pool.

  • OKW Member - I like the pool as is.

  • OKW Member - Smaller increase to add better kiddy pool.

  • Non-OKW - They should add a slide & lifeguard

  • Non-OKW - I enjoy the pool as is.

  • Non-OKW - Improve the kiddy pool area.

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Originally posted by dianeschlicht
THe key to DVC is to have choices and flexibility. If we change the theme of OKW by making it more like the other offerings, it would limit our choices. I say leave it as is.

I agree about the theme issue. They should definitely make the new pool in the theme of OKW. They could change the pool, without changing the theme. Palm trees, lighthouses could all be incorporated into fun interactive elements and not just decorative accents as they are now. It just takes a little imagination to see it.

The choices and flexibility would be increased, since for those forced to stay at OKW now due to limited availability at the resorts with more recent pools are currently the ones who are limited by the choices available at the OKW resort. The change would give all DVC resort guests the flexibility at the resort of going to a quiet pool or a pool more likely to inspire those dreaded childish squeals of delight.

Here are some other imagineering ideas for an enhanced OKW pool. We could put a winding staircase around the lighthouse and have a slide shooting off the top. We could have a water fall effect flowing over the edge of the bridge. How about an island in the pool with stools in the water and a bar so we can swim to get a drink. We could crack open a fire hydrant and spray each other with a fire hose. What else....anybody?
BTW, I'm kidding.....spruce
How about an island in the pool with stools in the water and a bar so we can swim to get a drink

Oh no, can't have that! Some adults might like that and we want to be sure that adults don't have any fun at OKW.....they're all about to die off any minute now anyway. ;)
Some adults might like that and we want to be sure that adults don't have any fun at OKW.....

...although the fire hydrant idea sounds great! Just like in the "old" days, when we didn't have a pool at all and they'd just open the hydrants to let us enjoy some water on those hot summer days.

Of course, that reminds me of the days when I had to walk 4 miles to school every day, uphill ( both ways) , barefoot, in the snow, year round.

Ahhh, the good 'ol days. These young 'uns nowadays need sumthin' to entertain them all the time. Just imagine...squirting water out of a clown's nose while they race down a slide, listening to that shameless rock-n-roll music! ;)

:D :D :D :D :jester: :D :D :D :D

Actually Spruce, I love the hydrant idea, but........not sure this old ticker could take it. And, the swim up bar, ah, that is marvelous, but, there again, not sure we have the strength to swim, let alone lift the glass.
Now the slide off the top of the the lighthouse, interesting, great targets, can we have water guns, or........maybe tazers?
I am a DVC member with my home resort at BWV and I do happen to like this DVC resort the best. That is why I bought at BWV and was not even remotely interested in buying into DVC when there was only the choice of OKW.
However, I have stayed at OKW several times and I like the resort and I love the size of the 1 BR villa.
But come on, facts are facts.........OKW pools are small and leave a lot to be desired. During my stays at OKW we never used their pools, we went to BWV or Stromalong Bay. This is not saying that OKW is not a nice DVC resort, it is, but the pools and the pool bar could definitely use some expansion & updating. My children are late teens/young adults, so this opinion is solely mine and has nothing to do with young children wanting a pool slide.
Also, I must say, when I have stayed at OKW, I found them to have quite a few programs geared to young children and very few to adults and the many times I have stayed at BWV I have found them to have much less programs/activities vs OKW geared to any age group!


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