Totally Unscientific Poll

How Do You Feel About The OKW Pool?

  • OKW Member - I support a dues increase to add a slide.

  • OKW Member - More than a slide is needed. Bigger increase for a complete new pool.

  • OKW Member - I like the pool as is.

  • OKW Member - Smaller increase to add better kiddy pool.

  • Non-OKW - They should add a slide & lifeguard

  • Non-OKW - I enjoy the pool as is.

  • Non-OKW - Improve the kiddy pool area.

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Aug 18, 1999
We've been having a discussion about how people feel about the OKW pools. This is an attempt to try to get an idea about opinions.

Keep in mind that OKW dues have increased $.07 since 1997 -- from $3.1448 to $3.2163 per point. I can't recall the estimate DVC gave for a dues increase to cover a new slide and lifeguard but let's assume that it will be $.08 per point.

Also, assume that THERE IS NO POOL HOPPING when you make your choices. (Pool hopping itself could be a different survey.)

Please vote as either an OKW Home Resort Member or Non-OKW which includes DVC members at other home resorts and non-DVC members.
As a non-OKW member I am uncomfortable telling OKW members what they SHOULD I did not cast a vote... I have no problem suggesting things they could do and in the interest of enhancing the value of all DVC, SHOULD consider. This poll is worded and skewed to get a certain we have been discussing on the poolhopping thread, this is not about lifeguards and slides or kiddie areas. Making the poll this way makes it seem like it is...the question for OKW members--should OKW do something to make the main pool more like almost every other main pool at WDW resorts-- with a slide-- or something less costly-- or leave it as is.
I don't know how to post a poll but I would have it as follows-for OKW members only:

1)OKW should add a slide and a lifeguard at a cost of 0.08 per point increase in dues

2)OKW should add some water features (waterfall or interactive fountain areas) but not anything requiring a lifeguard if it can be done for up to 0.02 per point increase in dues

3)The same as #2 but up to 0.04 increase

4)NO CHANGE-leave it as is

And for non-OKW membersthe choices:
#1, #2, #3 #4 or I don't care what they do..
I'm sorry you don't like the poll. As I said, unscientific. I also had a heckuva time getting it to post at all. LOL!

Keeping pool hopping in the equation was too difficult so I eliminated it. I could not figure out how to word the choice for something "in-between" as you suggest (questions are limited in size). Others can consider the enhanced kiddy area as being cosmetic/more minor changes to the pool area as were suggested by PKS44 in the other thread.

The fact is, OKW members were never offered a choice by DVC. The choice was a black & white -- add a slide and lifeguard. The option suggested by PKS44 has never been offered by DVC management.

I tried NOT to skew this poll. I'm curious whether things would come out the same or different from the results DVC got in their survey a few years ago.
Pam- You are way ahead of me- I can't figure out how to make a poll...I think your use of the word "in-between" is good and if you please--I would like to say non OKW votes are what we would like-not what others SHOULD do with their money and their resort...can we make that assumption as well for non OKW members?

I did not say I don't like the poll. I just think it is inherently biased. Let me just point out one subtle way the poll ISskewed.

One choice is -I like the pool as it is. This pushes people to cast a vote implying they do not like the pool when in fact they might like it okay. People can like the pool as it is and still want it to be changed. A less biased way to get the same information is to simply give the choice "Leave the pool as it is."

Neither of us is a professional polltaker, but the way a poll is worded can be used to get different results...Disney claims to have polls that show people love Character Caravan and California Adventure and don't really want Early Entry. IF those polls show that I would like to see how they worded the choices...


LOL! Paul, Disney is the master of wording the surveys. Every survey I ever received from DVC was worded towards what they planned to do. They never include multiple choices.

I'm very familiar with the science of poll taking and considering the wording of the questions etc., etc. This is really just for fun and was done quickly since the results would never hold up as a representative sample any way. :)
When I think of OKW, the words "laid back" just leap into my mind, in the most positive of ways.

Somehow, a trumped-up pool seems out of character. But then again, the current pool is part of what defines the OKW character. I'd be reluctant to suggest that OKW owners pay to change the pool.

My kids enjoy slides and such, but really they seem to be happy as long as they can just get wet. My wife is happy as long as she can hang out by the pool and read a book.

I'm happy as long as they're happy.
With the extra units built in place of Admiralty/Commadore House , coupled with higher usage as the resort sells out AND that members are likely not to feel the need of visiting the parks ALL THE TIME, I think DVC needs to look at upgrading it's pool offerings. I'm not overly bothered about a slide ( or life guard) but I do feel that there is a need for a larger ( or another large ) pool area. The main pool is a nice one BUT it's design does mean it feels full with a relatively small number of people. Anyone wishing to actually swim in it is hard pushed to do so if there are more than 20 people using the pool. IMHO it would be prohibitively expensive to add extra size to that pool but as the new buildings are all in that area as well, the main pool is in danger of getting too busy. I would suggest that redeveloping and expanding the quiet pool that you find by taking a right when you enter OKW ( Millar Road?) would be a cheaper option. By making that pool twice as big ( not adding extra drinks/food facilities) and an increase in seating area you could offer a pool that doubles as a lap pool for those that like to swim, and increase the pool area in that part of OKW without a massive increase in your year on year running costs. It would be a relatively small, one off cost that would help take the pressure off the main pool, and also offer another type of experiece for guests at the resort.

Now, no one get upset, but we are OKW members, but we don't ever stay there!
It was the only game in town when I bought into DVC.
I have three kids that want a pool w/ a slide, and other activities. The Boardwalk, and Wilderness Lodge offers more for them.
WAIT!!!!! I like OKW or I wouldn't have bought in.
I think that DVC has to look at the future, and I think a new pool and slide is needed.
If I was a CHILD, and was asked where I would like to stay, given the three resorts.....OKW would be my last choice. Boardwalk and Wilderness Lodge offers a newer updated pool and slide. A much nicer game room, and places to snack and eat.
I would support and increase to update the pool , and build a slide.....
Just ask your kids and Grandkids where THEY would rather stay?
See what answer you get?
Thanks.....Hey " Don't shoot the messanger" This is just my opinion, and I respect your opinion!
I voted "leave as is"... not because of a dues increase, but because I really don't like pool slides. Also, I don't have kids. But injuries increase with slides, whether or not there is a lifeguard present. Even a fairly "minor" injury can wreck a vacation. Plus, if you really MUST have one, you could stay at another DVC resort, even if the do away with pool hopping. It not like we don't have options and alternatives.
A much nicer game room, and places to snack and eat.

I'd actually like to see these improvements more than changing the pool.

Also, now don't take offense anyone, if it were possible for OKW to appeal to more adult vactioners that would be alright, too. ;)
I'm not sure of the demographics of owners and I imagine that people traveling with children continue to be the majority but if that weren't the case, I'd rather see some of the children's options cut back and the adult options beefed up.
It is nice knowing that we all care about DVC, even if we differ in our idea's!!!! It's people like you that keep DVC on there toes. By asking, and posting, we show DVC that we care about the present and future of our resorts.....Thanks for your posts!!!
Thanks Doug. I think everyone is trying to share their ideas for what will make us all happy. Throwing around ideas, even ones that some of us don't like, could lead to something better for all of us. It's just when people get carried away with their dislikes and cut down a particular resort I kind of take offense. Comparing any DVC pool or villa to Motel 6 etc. is not being constructive, just mean-spirited, whether it's a slap at BWV, VWL or OKW.

Looking at this poll, you can see how difficult it is for DVC to know what to do. There are so many different people with different expectations that it's hard to find a clear majority for most decisions. I guess we have to trust the "experts" to know what will keep the majority happy. :)
I think OKW already appeals more to the "adult vacationer". I would be interested to know what "adult programs you would like to see "beefed up", and what children's programs you would like to see cut? Personally, your statement right there is what I perceive as the whole problem to OKW. There is that "adult" atmosphere, and WHAT ARE THE CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS, WHERE are they? I am not talking about an "unbirthday party" either. I realize OKW was the first built, but that doesn't mean they can't undate the facilities. The health club is ancient, it's smalll and the equiptment is minimal. The gameroom is pathetic. The community hall has nothing that appeals to a child over the age of 5 for any amount of time. That to me is why we never stay there, it's not just the small and boring "themed" pool,that feels claustrophobic when another family comes in, it's the fact that NOTHING has been done to upgrade in 10 years.
Sorry if this offends anyone, but it is my opinion and it is the reason we never stay there, even those GIGANTIC rooms don't compensate for the lack of children's activities.
I wonder how many people who stay at OKW pool hop compared to the DVC members at the resorts with "activity" pools? I think it's probably fair to say that people pool hopping to OKW does not occur as much as it does at other resorts....or is it? Is the slide/upgrade unwanted because it would bring in more "hoppers" or is it strictly a dues question? I don't own at OKW, just trying to figure out why in the past 10 years this slide thing hasn't gathered more of a following. As far as OKW being more of an "adult" resort ..... although it is more laid back I know the huge room sizes are a big draw for my family. Of course my kids are older teens and the extra space is well used, they don't use the arcades, the pool is only to cool off or tan beside, and they'll be no unbirthday party ressies... I guess we're really 4 adults, maybe it is an adult resort!
I would love to see a slide at OKW! My DD is only 2 now and just enjoys getting wet, but she will want something more in the future. Why should I give up my extra space and laid back OKW atmosphere to spend more points at BWV, VWL or BCV just so she can have fun in the pool? I think that the All Stars are the only other resorts without a slide.
We voted leave as is......... Thats the beauty of DVC, if you want to stay at one of the other DVC can make reservations at any of them at the 7 month window.....or 11 month window for your home resort.:D
Originally posted by robinb
I think that the All Stars are the only other resorts without a slide.

..and yet the ALL Star pools even without slides are still more themed and interactive than the OKW pool as I undertand it.... don't they have little squirting character fountains and islands in the pools, etc...? apparently All Stars, even doing it on the cheaper side, was able to do more than OKW had...
I voted to keep the pool as it is.
This may be off topic but my Son is 15 and has been to WDW 7 times. When I was a kid, we went to the Jersey Shore twice. When my dad was a kid, they didn't vacation, they went to war. I do understand wanting the biggest and best for my son. Frankly, he's got it better then my generation or my Fathers generation.
It's a shame that without a slide or better themed pool, at WDW no less, children are bored when a swim in the creek was a thrill to those of us that didn't "have" as kids.
Maybe we should appreciate what we have. JMHO....spruce
LOL! Spruce. That's what runs through my mind all the time in these discussions. For Pete's sake, your in WDW for crying out loud. Why is the pool so important to the kids? Or is it more important to the parents to have what they think is best for the kids?

As to the adult things that could be done at OKW. Expanding and upgrading the gym would be a good start. It would also be nice to have a place to get an ice cream sundae and some light fare (like The Plaza). There are different crafts activities and the Unbirthday Party etc. for kids. It would be nice to once a week or so have "nibbles" available in the evening by the pool or some other type of social activity. An upgraded arcade for all would be good too.

Don't even go the route of saying we want an All-Star style pool at OKW!


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