To the CM's on the board: what is the one "tip" you can give us?


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Jan 20, 2008
If you think that response was rude, I suggest thicker skin. The responder stated a simple fact.
except that it didn't need to be stated. for those CM's not wishing to be 'outed', they don't have to identify themselves as CM's. the OP's question was for tips from CM's not "calling out all CM's, identify yourselves"

i have learned some good tips so far, keep them coming, CM or not.


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Sep 28, 1999
I think alot of people don't realize this. I noticed this last year and I rarely had to wait in line at CS because there was always one empty line!:goodvibes
Yep - I find that too. Same thing with the security guards checking your bags in the front of the parks. Use both lines. Many times I can go right through because everyone is on one side. He turns side to side just like the counter service CM's do.


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Oct 23, 2008
Not a CM, but I've been wayyyy too many times (scratch such thing!)

Anyway, as far as lines go, don't automatically go to the left! Check which line everyone is going into and chose the opposite one! Many times people just follow the people in front of them. On POTC, everyone was going to the left as they were chosing lines, I went to the right, walked on and noticed the other side was waiting! And listen to the CMs! At Space Mountain everyone was following those in front of them, to the left, the CM said, if you go to the right, there's no wait. Sure enough, we went to the right and walked on! Pay attention! Don't be a sheep!

With turnstiles, if you go to the far left or right, there tend to be shorter lines to enter, people won't go further than they have to. Many times the "castmember and guest entrance" has a very short wait.


May 2, 2008
Not a current CM, but crossing my fingers for the College Program starting this summer! Anyway, having been to WDW about a million times solo, my tip is to keep your ears open in the ride queues, specifically rides that need to fill x number of seats like Soarin, Space Mountain, and Tower of Terror. Often if there is an extra seat available the CM will call back "Party of one?" and sometimes "Party of two?" so that they can fill those extra seats. I've been skipped to the front many times because of this, but it can be hard to hear the CM sometimes and you may miss the announcement if you're not listening for it. But when I hear that call for "Party of one?" I always throw my hand up in the air and wave it around to alert the CM. The CM will take the first party (starting from the front of the line and working back) that fits the number of available seats.
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    Jan 7, 2009
    Honestly, this may sound like common sense, but if you are polite and pleasant, we can do so much for you. Of course this works the opposite way as well.... :goodvibes
    I have to agree with this in spades. I also found that if you talk to the CMs like they are peers and not employees they often have things that they can do just because your not being like the typical guest.

    During our March trip, I was given pins, TT VIP pass etc... I also had a CM offer us to join a dessert party at WS for Illuminations but we had other plans.


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    May 21, 2007
    Honestly, this may sound like common sense, but if you are polite and pleasant, we can do so much for you. Of course this works the opposite way as well.... :goodvibes
    Amen to every walk of life! When I'm on vacation, even at Disney, I am in relaxation mode. I don't really have the energy to be a jerk and can, in fact, be overly generous. Something about that Disney magic just takes over when we pass under that sign.
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    Apr 6, 2009
    Ok, I have one... If staying over New Years you can watch the rehearsal of the Magic Kingdom's New Years' night fireworks two day in advance. I prefer to watch from the Polynesian Beach. Check with management to be sure it is two days in advance when you go.


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    Feb 24, 2002
    Ok, I have one... If staying over New Years you can watch the rehearsal of the Magic Kingdom's New Years' night fireworks two day in advance. I prefer to watch from the Polynesian Beach. Check with management to be sure it is two days in advance when you go.
    For the 4th of July it is the 3rd and for New Years it is the 30th. At least it has been for the 5 years we have lived here:)


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    Mar 7, 2006
    From a resort CM:

    You're more likely to get an upgrade if you don't ask.

    You win more flies with honey than vinegar... have a positive attitude and you will have a much better time.

    Make sure your expectations are reasonable. Not everybody can get a theme park/fireworks view.. it's just not logistically possible!
    I don't know about this. We were always that family that got the room over the dumpsters. AKL, WL,CR every resort we stayed at we got the worst room possible, the one next to the service elevator, or the janitor's closet etc. Even at the Poly we always got the room with the parking lot view. Sigh.

    Finally a guy DH works with told him he had asked for an upgrade when staying at standard view garden wing CR and he was given MK view concierge! I knew DH was going to be cranky if we ended up with the dumpster view again so I asked for an upgrade at check in and the CM gave us a beautiful water view. It wasn't concierge but what the heck it beat the dumpsters.

    If your room is going to make or break your vacation pay for what you want. If your cheap like me (yeah the Poly's really cheap, hah!) politely ask for what you want and consider it a bonus if you get it. Personally I like the building next to the parking lot at the Poly , I've just learned to request to be on the side away from the parking lot. Since nobody requests that building I always get what I ask for.


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    Mar 9, 2008
    Not a CM but go to WDW way too often. I agree that you have to take the time to look before you leap. Watch where the people are going and go to the opposite. Look at the security line, the turnstile line, the CS line and find the opening. There is an entrance to every park for CM's and also for the guests to enter. All the way left at Epcot. It usually doesn't have a line at all.

    Finally, be polite. Even when people are being rude just smile. You can only control your reaction, not what others do. When people push by our little guy I just smile and say excuse us, you must be in a huge hurry? They are flying by anyways so I only hear it. Try to do something nice for someone else. We find we have CS left at the end of the trip and buy a CS for the person behind us.

    Epcot does a soft opening of F&W the day before it is published to open. Go then!

    It is never perfect but close, it is great to be in Disney


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    Sep 29, 2008
    As a former attractions CM, one of my best tips is to actually follow the rules when CMs say "keep your hands and arms in the attraction, don't stand up, etc" Because we are trained to stop the ride when people do this and don't makes it a much more enjoyable ride when we don't have to do this and interrupt the natural flow of the attraction. :thumbsup2

    Also I know it stinks that you can't take your stroller into certain areas, but there are always reasons for don't fight us on that unless of course you have some necessity (medical, etc.) and you have gotten your tags and such for your stroller from guest services.

    Oh and I can never eat a whole counter service meal by myself, so we usually split one at lunch or I get the kids meal to save a little $!!


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    Jul 7, 2008
    I'm a FLR and have been to WDW at least twice a year (usually more) since birth. I'd guess around 100 times. There have been some great tips so far. But lets talk about my favorite subject. FOOD! popcorn::

    Bring those flavor packs for water with you. Poweraid, crystal light, kool-aid, and gatorade all make them. Take a fresh bottle of water with you everyday and drink at least 3 normal sized bottles per day. As in stay hydrated. I've seen at least a dozen people collapse from heat in WDW over the years. Usually on the backside of WS in Epcot - btw. This saves you money of buying drinks, and is better for your body than downing soda all day.

    Eat breakfast in your room. Something small like one of those oatmeal cookie things by Quaker. Or if you don't want to bring anything with you get something small from the CS place at your resort. Like a parfait or cinnamon roll, etc. Also if you happen to be at either MK or Epcot stop by one of the bakeries there for that breakfast for the next morning.

    Have an early CS lunch. Like right when they open at around 11am. The food will be it's freshest then, and hardley anyone will be in there. I often buy kids meals for myself at CS places when on my own. Usually more than enough food for me. And it's 4.50 instead of 8-15 bucks. Plus they often have healthier options, but in recent years the Adult platter have gotten better. Or I share an adult size meal with others.

    I always get my ADRs for TS meals at around 3 or 4. This does a few things, it's an "off time" for the restaurant. So you will have less of a wait time once there and will most likely get your ADR when you call. Plus this is the HOTTEST and BUSIEST time of the day in the parks. You'll be sitting pretty in a nice ACed TS restaurant.

    Then at the end of the night grab a spot for the fireworks (or whatever) and have someone else go grab a snack for everyone. Waiting 30 minutes for illuminations with a chocolate crepe and a GM slush does make it a whole lot easier. ;)