Tipping Mousekeeping

I worked for the Hotel Royal Plaza at WDW Village a few years ago, doing turn down service. Very fun job! :D I think the going rate is anywhere between 3-5 dollars a day for housekeeping services.
I believe the rule of thumb is $1 per person per night. But, if there are one or two people in your room, I would still tip no less than $3.

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I tip $1 per person and I leave a mickey made out of 1 quarter and 2 dimes. I also leave a coin mickey as part of the tip at sit-down restaurants.

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I thought the rule at Disney was that you didn't have to tip anybody. Or was that just for people who handled your luggage? Every guidebook I've read stated tipping wasn't necessary.


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I am a firm believer that tipping is never necessary.

I tip people who perform a service for me and do a really good job. This includes, but is not limited to waitresses, mousekeeping, baggage handlers, etc.

The tip does not have to be large, but knowing that someone appreciated what they did can turn a bad day good for anyone.

Our last trip to WDW we left notes for our mousekeeper every day, and she always left a response. Then on the last day we left a tip.

I think the notes were appreciated as much as the $$.

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Okay, maybe we are cheap, but we only left a dollar a day.. Is that wrong? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">

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Okay, maybe I am cheap, but I never tipped the housekeepers before. I too read that tipping the housekeepers was not necessary. I have never tipped them anywhere else I have stayed either. I also asked somebody at Disney reservations if I should tip, and she too said that it was unnecessary. I didn't even think about it on our last trip, and now I feel really bad. <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
we left her a sizable amount....she was unreal....well anyway....gave it to her in person and when we came back to our room that night...on our bed was a present....for us from her....a resin large frame with pooh and mickey and the whole gang.....she left us a note...saying what a priviledge it was helping us out....and how clean we were.....she was so sweet...... :)

Don't have to worry about this when a DVC member, at least not every night.

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Really weird question, but how do you leave a tip for housekeeping, on the table? Do you leave a note?
We are going to Disney in Nov. and will be leaving in 30 weeks. What I have been doing is putting a $1 a week in an enevelope so that I don't have to worry about it when we get there. I will print out the mousekeeping envelopes so they are ready to put out on our way to the parks in the morning. Since there are 4 of us I will be leaving $4 a day. Michelle
This topic comes up at least every other day on this board - and it is always fraught with "debate". Tipping is a very personal thing. It is never required - but is "customary" in service related situations - such as bell hops, maids, hairdressers, waiters, and drivers (to name just a few). I was always taught to plan to tip 15% for these type of services and either adjust up or down depending on the services recieved. I tip ALL these kinds of services in and out of WDW. I leave tips at other hotels I stay at too. The rule of thumb I have heard is $1 to $2 per person per night for maid service. I prefer to leave $2 at WDW per person because we have been the recipient of so many little "extra" touches and feel that should be recognized (again this is my personal choice). Last time I just left the money on the table each day with a note that said it was the maid tip (can be different staff on different days - so we pay as we go not at the end of the stay). For this upcoming trip - I took the suggestion of other postings and made my own tip envelopes complete with Disney clip art etc. and saved my single dollar bills at the end of each week in them - I have had my tip money all set aside for some time now... quite painless and I will feel good about attending to this detail. Personally, I am glad that someone performs this service for me and I know very well it is heavy tiresome work. I am appreciative and grateful that someone does this heavy manual labor and makes my stay comfortable and enjoyable.

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Just saw the post from dixiedreamer...actually tipping is expected when the service is performed by someone who is making less than minimum wage, and tips are an expected part of their income..At WDW bellmen, valet parkers, waiters, and waitresses are part of that group. Housekeeping at some hotels also fall in this category--but those at WDW do not--they make more than minimum. On that basis, there is less compulsion to tip the housekeepers at WDW. However, if their services are above and beyond, tipping is a good way to express your gratitude--taken to the extreme, this could include you auto repairman, your doctor, etc. As information, the literature we received the last time we were at WDW did not list housekeeping as one of the groups of employees who should be tipped. <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz"> :eek:


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