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Aug 14, 1998
For those who have not noticed (or who already changed theirs), the time stamps on the posts are in Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT). If you find this confusing the change is fairly simple.

Go into your User Control Panel and "edit options" to change it to a more likeable time zone. This is accessed from the Discussion Forums page.

Thank you, Doc, for explaining how to do this. I tried earlier but didn't know what I was looking for so was not successful. I much prefer seeing my local time or at least EST. Thank you for your help! :D
I did that right away, but it still gives the GMT. Why is that? I also said no to the email notification when someone posts, but it still does that too. Am I doing something wrong?:confused:
My screen shows the correct time for my time zone- but also says GMT - 6 hours...... which is correct for our zone (EST- we never change our clocks- EST is the same as CDT).

GMT is 5 hours ahead of EDT right now. If your time shows something different than what it should be, you might recheck to see if you have selected the correct time zone.

As for the email notification, even though you have turned that off by selecting "No", it depends on the status of the selection when you started the post. You can edit the post to change this option, I think!

Good luck. If these things don't work, you may have to ask on the Tech Board- those folks can usually fix anything!
Thanks Doc. I checked to make sure I had CDT selected, and I do. Time still shows wrong.
Yes we here in Indiana never change - neither does GMT! We are ALWAYS -5 hours. Even if you select the time setting here on the board to BE GMT you will find it is an hour off. It seems the software is trying to factor daylight savings time into GMT - that is an error.

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