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Jun 1, 1997
Hi everyone:

We've heard through the grapevine that the prices for Disney tickets are going to be going up in the next few days. If you want to get tickets at the current prices, they need to be purchased NOW. This can be done direct through Disney, at the Disney Store, or (of course) through TicketRES here on the site CLICK HERE

If you want to get these tickets before the price jumps, I would suggest doing it now. As soon as I know what the new prices are, I'll be sure to post them.


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And is it across the board or just some ticket types?

Oh no!!! I can just imagine the cost when my children have children! Thanks for the info!

We leave in five weeks and I was going to wait, but I think I'll make a quick little purchase right now.

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Does this price hike include the discounted ticket here at the TicketRes ??????



Do we know how much and for what ticket types yet?

The prices haven't been announced, but I'm reasonably sure that ALL tickets will go up, including annual passes. The increase is usually about $2-3 per day. If you're going soon, you should buy your tickets now. We're not going until November, so I can't see shelling out $$$$ now to save about $10 per 5-day hopper.


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