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    I have just stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and heres some info you might need.

    Entering The Hotel and getting there from the Airport

    If you are doing the Magic Express deal you wont have to worry about you bags but give them time to get to your hotel our plane landed around 1 and the bags got to our room at 7 so i recomend bringing a extra pair of clothes in you carry-on. Then go check-in and visit your room.

    The Hotel

    Depending on what floor your on each floor has a place to chill like a living room. The lobby is nice and look for hidden Mickeys. Each room has a coffe machine,tables,beds of course,a balcony ,a blow dryer (a small one i recomend to bring your own),too sinks apart from the bathroom and then in the next room a shower and well you know the rest. The key to the safe should be in the safe when you come and when you leave.

    Snacks and Dining

    Roaring Fork Cafe- A great place for a quick meal or snack. They have sandwiches wraps and more. If you have the food plan a meal here counts as a counter service and comes with a drink and dessert. Snacks here are chip, grapes,jello,pudding, and fresh fruit like apples. I would reccomend the Refilable Mugs so you can get a drink anytime you can fill them with tea,coffee, and more.

    Whispering Canyon Cafe- This place is great they have good food but go for dinner its louder and the food is better. If they give you hat dont take off until you leave or you will end up embarrsing your self. This is a great place for kids and they even have stuff to do while you wait to be called like Lincon Logs.

    Artist Point- Great Food!!! I would reccomend the steak which is really really good. They have great service here but if you have the food plan each meal counts as 2 points.

    Swimming Pools
    Well the pool is great and the slide is so fun and very fast. The pool will be closed if there is lighting though of course.

    If you like boats you could rent one they have small boats and bigger boats too i am not sure on the prizes i will have too look that up later.

    The Saddest Day of all Checking Out and Leaving for The Airport

    Checking Out- When you leave your room for the last time make sure you have all you stuff and the key is in the safe then its off to check out.

    Lugguage with Magical Express and the Airport
    Getting you lugguage checked at the hotel instead of the airport- You can get you stuff checked at the hotel instead of the airport only if you are flying certain airlines including Jet Blue then they will put your stuff on the bus and then i am not sure about this because i dont remember i think they put your stuff on the plane and then you have to carry you carry-on bags and what ever you do dont eat SBarro pizza and well then if on the plane on the sad sad flight home

    Well hope this helps

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