the subject is earl everyone come chat on this one


Mar 21, 2001
hey anyone how do you know if earl really works for universal
i could tell you there will be more rides they even spoke out and said that they would be adding things year by year
why doesn't he just tell us some minor attraction coming so when it comes we can beleive him.
if anyone truly knows he works there tell me to earl never told me if he did when i asked him.
I am very sorry earl if you do work there
but can you give some more hints on new attractions or even 2 more attractions that wont leave in 2002 when a new one comes. :( :(
sorry earl didnt want to post this twice all i wnat to know is if you work there and maybe some more hints on new rides or a hint from the first one with another attraction that wont leave to the new one in 2002
sorry Suz :rolleyes:
Yes he works there...I met him.
Yes he speaks truth...he has never been wrong.
Yes I know what he does, but can not post it.

Just have really is him.

Does weekly attendance to a theme park constitute an addict?

If so, I am Doomed!

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yes earl works at universal

i promise you the "in the know" people will not divulge any information about upcoming projects until the timing is right.

Yes Earl does work for Universal (as do I) I know what he does and I will not post it. Why would you want him to tell you what attraction are coming out... It would ruin the suprise! (no I don't know anything either) What's the difference between Disney Imagineering and Universal Development...Universal can acctually KEEP a secret!! :rolleyes:

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thanks everyone i wasn't sure about that
and yes it would ruin the surprise if i knew the ride.


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