The Muppets take Disney World--Day 3, MGM


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May 31, 2000
Cast of characters--Me and DH (both 25). DH's first trip, my 3rd.

Dates of trip--Dec. 31-Jan. 7, 2001

Wednesday was our MGM day. Since we were staying for Fantasmic, we decided not to set the alarm and just leave when we woke up.

We woke up surprisingly early. DH must have really liked Disney World, because he's not an early riser. Still, we were at the gate around 10:00.

When I woke up, I noticed my knee hurt. It wasn't too bad in the room, but once we got walking, I realized it was really hurt. Every step was excruciating. At first I didn't know what happened, but DH reminded me of my graceful fall getting off the Jungle Cruise on Monday. I didn't hurt the knee I fell on, but I must have twisted the other one trying not to fall in the river. I'm usually not a map person since I basically know my way around, but we used the maps this day to make sure I didn't have to take any unneccessary steps.

We looked at the tip board when we got there and decided to do the Great Movie Ride and Star Tours first. DH is a huge Star Wars fan, so he loved Star Tours. After that, we had lunch at ABC Commissary. They had just changed their menu to a more international menu, and we didn't really like it.

We did most of the other rides and shows during the day, but we did miss all of the stage shows, Tower of Terror, and Rock 'n Roll Roller Coaster. My knee was hurting too much to criss-cross the park, and we weren't sure we wanted to do the fast rides. We had early dinner ressies at Mama Melrose's for the Fantasmic dinner package. The food was good, but not anything that I couldn't get at a local Italian restaurant.

We headed over to Fantasmic early because I was too sore to walk. We got hot chocolate for DH and hot tea for me while we waited. The section they reserve for the package was fine. The preshow entertainment was okay. It was just two people who played Disney trivia games, played songs like YMCA and Who Let the Dogs Out, and that kind of thing.

Fantasmic was unbelievable. I was so glad we decided to do this. I hadn't seen very many descriptions of what it actually was, and I realized when I saw it that it's because it was indescribable.

We had been originally planning to see the Osborne Family lights after Fantasmic, but there was no way I could walk all the way back there, so we left. One thing to note: we thought we were leaving through the "secret entrance", but it turns out the CMs mixed us in with all the other people so that we had to walk across half the park to leave. We would have been more careful if we had known since I was in so much pain.

Tomorrow--AK, Epcot, and PI


Dec 28, 1999
Fantasmic.......that is the word for it.......undescribable.......and it is just fantatic....

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