The Muppets take Disney World--Day 2, MK and e-night


New Mama to Baby Jacob!
May 31, 2000
Cast of characters--DH and me (both 25). DH's first trip, my 3rd.

Dates--Dec. 31-Jan. 7, 2001

Our second day was supposed to be our first day in the Magic Kingdom. We got up early and were there soon after the park opened. We rode Thunder Mountain right away with very little wait, but we had to skip Splash Mountain because it was freezing. We also rode several of the Fantasyland rides without much of a wait.

I had lunch ressies in the Castle and was very excited about it since I had never eaten there before. We arrived 15 minutes before our seating time only to be told we didn't have a ressie. The CM was not helpful at all. We walked away, and I got out the information Dreams Unlimited had sent to me. I went back with the confirmation number. They searched for it and told me that the ressie had been for yesterday. I know that the person who entered the ressie info must have entered it wrong since the Dreams agent had made ressies for us at Canada the day before just 30 minutes before that ressie, but there was no discussion. We missed our seating time and they weren't willing to work with us.

By this time the MK was crowded, so we decided to leave. We rode a bus to the YC and had a good lunch at the Yacht Club Galley. DH had clam chowder and I had a wonderful spinach salad with apple vinagrette, then we split a club sandwich (the Yacht Club). I didn't know they brought bread at this restaurant, but they were really good. They were huge cheese rolls with herb cream cheese. A perfect lunch.

After lunch we wondered around the Epcot hotels for a while and then caught a bus to Downtown Disney. We intended to check out DQ, but it was so crowded. There were lots of teenage kids all over the place, and it was dark and noisy. We left and enjoyed a nap in our room instead.

In the evening we headed back to the MK. We had bought our e-night tickets when we checked in, and this was the night. It was freezing! I wore long underwear, wind pants, the long underwear shirt, a turtle neck, a sweater, a sweat shirt, and 2 pairs of socks. I also carried (and used) a hat and a pair of gloves. I can happily report that I was not cold after I got all of these clothes on. :D

During the fireworks, we had dinner at Pecos Bills. Afterward, we set out to ride the rides with no lines! We did Tomorrowland first. Space Mountain did not seem that fast when I was in high school! We were humiliated in Buzz Lightyear. I think I got 300. DH got a much higher score, but when we saw the scores of people around us, we realized that he did pretty poorly, too. Alien Encounter was okay, and we both loved Timekeeper.

After Tomorrowland, we caught the Christmas edition of the Country Bear Jamboree, then rode Thunder Mountain again. We put on our gloves and hats in line just before we boarded the ride and got several offers from people wanting to buy them. :cool: We rode Haunted Mansion once again, and then it was over. CMs directed everyone out of the park. It was kind of neat. When we went into the HM, the CMs were in character. When we came out, they were waving and telling us to have a nice night. :D

Tomorrow--Day 3, MGM and "How did I hurt my knee?"
but the rest of the day seemed perfect.........We love to do Pecos Bills......they are such big hamburgers......and Buzz is one of our favorites now........thanks for the report
I loved the Xmas Country Bear Jamboree when I was there in December last year. It was so cute!
Sorry to hear your reservation got screwed up. But sounds like you had a nice lunch anyways.
We also had some cold weather at the beginning of December but we never needed hats
and mittens! thanks for posting - on to the next day.


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