The Loves Adventure -WL- Day Two

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    Jun 8, 2000
    DW - trip planner, DH loves everything Disney.

    Well it's our 2nd day (Wednesday). Last night Florida had a freeze, no wonder we were so cold. DW did not sleep well, never sleeps well until about the 3rd night.

    DW was up and getting coffee from Roaring Forks at 6 am. No one was around at that time. DW got DH a bagel, this is a daily ritual also. We had cereal, juice and coffee in the room.

    We decided to go to the EE for MGM, we arrived at 8 am (the opening time for EE) and the line was out almost to the parking lot. Hmm maybe this is a mistake to come just before Thanksgiving. I kept saying this until Sunday.

    Anyway, we shopped and bought DH the jacket he wanted last year, and it was $40 cheaper.

    DH did ToT, while DW got him 2 Fast Passes for RnR coaster. DW does not do these 2 rides. By the time we were done with the these 3 rides, the crowds were unbearable. We left via boat to Swan, Yatch and Boardwalk. We walked around the Boardwalk and it is a beautiful resort. They had their Christmas Tree up, with a Ginger Bread house and the Pointsetta trees out in the front.

    ESPN club is not open yet, so we walk back to EPCOT and take the bus back to WL.

    Oh by the way, the Tree is up at WL, it is beautiful as in other years, but no Ginger Bread house. Nor is there a train village, as there was in 1998. We ate lunch at Whispering Canyon. Hopalong Higgins waited on us and did have to tease about our name, "All you need is Love".

    We hit the hot tub. The pool and Hot tub are crowded, but it is good for our aching legs and feet.

    We have E-Tickets for MK tonight. We find out that we cannot take the boat back from MK, need to take the monorail to Ticket and Transportation then the Boone bus.

    We did the shooting arcade and then got a nice spot for the parade. We were standing next to a nice couple from MI. They had taken a cruise (not Disney) and were spending a couple of days off site. We told them of the benefits of staying on site. While waiting for the parade, got our first popcorn. We were at Liberty Square and DW ran up to Harbor House for a bread bowl of chowder, yes it is open. As was BTMRR. The parade was good. One advantage of going this week is that the parade is every night, last year parade was only on Saturday, so it was too crowded and we did not see it very well.

    Bashful hugged me. Ohhhhhh. I love Bashful, actually love all Disney Characters.

    The parade is over and we head over to Tomorrow land bridge, I do hope that Tink flies. I have read on these boards that sometimes she does not fly. And it is cold out again tonight. My wish comes true, Tink flew right over our heads.

    Fireworks are great as usual. (Christmas fireworks are better, if anyone gets to go to MVMCP they'll know). We head over to the Time Keeper with our E-Night wrist band, no wait. Had not done this ride in years, forgot you had to stand. Walked right into Buzz, just as the wrist band took effect. The line for Space Mt is too long, hmmm maybe this E-night is not a good thing with this kind of crowd. Got 2 hot cocas and head back to Frontier Land, we did the Christmas Country Bears, love this show. Did Haunted Mansion. It's too cold for Splash Mt or BTMRR. Remember we are still in long pants and sweatshirts. Hope it gets warmer soon.

    We take the Monorail back to Ticket & Transp. There is a crowd waiting for the Boone bus. This stop is next to the place where the bus drivers wait. Finally (acutally I did not think the wait was long, but others did) a "special Bus" comes and takes us back to the lodge.

    We decide it's too cold for the Hot Tub so we go to Territory Lounge, hoping to get some food, but they only serve food until 11. That's what Reuben tells us. Well Reuben is a cool dude. And he proceeds to serve us drinks. DW and DH only drink when on vacation. So the drinks with the lack of food, gives DW a good night's sleep. Hmmm maybe DW should try this when travelling more.

    2nd day and we have already been to MK twice, EPCOT twice and MGM once. WoW what a schedule.

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.


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    Aug 18, 1999
    Another wonderful day. Thanks for sharing :D

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    Feb 11, 1999
    Boy, you guys are really getting around!

    The Christmas decorations sound beautiful. Sigh. One of these years we'll make it there for Christmas. :)

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    Lisa :)

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A fun filled day. Thanks for posting!

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