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Sep 12, 1999
Hi all,
It is nice to see this board has so many regulars, it would be interesting to find out about everyone, what type of camping equipment do you have, Motorhome? Tent? Pop-Up? how long have you been camping? How many times have you been to Fort Wilderness? What is you favorite thing about Fort Wilderness. What is your best camping tip??

Can't wait to read your responses /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

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My name is Robin, and I am 35. DH is 36, DD 12, DD 10 &DS 4.
We have a 25 ft. travel trailer, and have only been going camping for about a year. DH is in the Army, so we camp alot here at the post campground.
We have only been to FW once with our children, but I grew up camping and went every year as a child. It's an amazing place, and we are thrilled about our Dec. trip.
Have a great day!

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My name is Kathy and Im 32, DH is 33 and we have three kids ages 13, 2 and 10 mos. We have a 26ft. travel trailer and have had it for about three years. We tent camped some before getting the trailer. We went to Ft.Wilderness for the first time this past January and I LOVED IT!!! My DH was skeptical about going while the kids were so young but we had such a good time that we have made ressies for this next Jan and Im already planning! My favorite thing about Ft.Wilderness is the Disney atmosphere. We get to do one of our favorite activities, camping, and still be on disney property. As far as camping tips, Im sure my dh could think of lots of good ones but all I can think of is to use paper and plastic plates and cups as much as possible! I hate doing dishes on vacation!
Hi everyone,
We will be taking our first trip to FW in Oct.We have a pop-up camper.
We live in Maine so there are many beauiful places to camp,such as Acadia National Park and Moosehead Lake region, where you can see lots of moose. We also love to go to the White Mts. in NH.

I'm Kay and we live in Florida, not too far from Disney. We've stayed in Wilderness homes three times, tent camped at FW once, and camped in our new 17 ft. Camplite pop up once at FW. When we camped in our tent, it was in February, and though it got down to 45 degrees at night, and only in the low 70's during the day, we found our tent felt like an oven during the afternoon, because of the sun beating down on us, and that's when we decided to buy a pop-up camper with air conditioning. I'm too much a newbie camper to have much in the way of tips, but we found that though we don't like to leave the air on while we're in the parks because of dripping on the canvas, the camper is too hot to be in in the afternoon, so we have a plan each day after the parks. We go back to the site, turn on the air, and go swimming, or just anything for about an hour, and return when the camper is tolerable. I'm a native Floridian and used to the heat and it really doesn't bother me that much except when camping, so I guess my tip is be prepared for intense heat
I am 51 & DH is 56 and we are full time RV'ers. We have a 30' M/H, and live and travel in it full time. We have been doing this for 3 years, since DH took an early retirement from Federal Civil Service. We love it!
We go to FW at least once a year between Thanksgiving & Christmas. Our DD & DgD go with us. We really enjoy it and don't feel cramped at all. This is the best way to travel, we have snacks and food all the way and don't have to stop at those disgusting rest areas.
Sometimes DH & I go to FW by ourselves. We have traveled and camped for many years and FW is the best campground we have found.
The best part of this life-style is, we are always packed and ready to go. We live in N/W Fl. so the M/H is a wonderful Hurricane evacuation kit. /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif We just pull up the jacks, un-hook and drive away!
My name is Kelly I am 26, DH is Bob and he is 36 we have 3 children: DD 4and a half, DD 3 and DS who will turn 1 on our trip to WDW this July!! I have been camping for about 9 yrs now always with DH parents. We have just bought their motor home from them and this will be our first trip driving it down alone, this could get interesting, the Griswald Family vactation revistited..LOL We love being at Disney and go almost evrysummer with the exception of 2 we missed because of pregnancy's(good reason I think) I dont really have anytips except have fun there is so much to do there!

Hope to see you there soon, July 7-July14,2000!!! 800 loop


Man, woman, 2 daughters. Stayed at FW in 1990 with in-laws.
This was our second trip together. (We had gone in 1988 on our honeymoon and stayed on International Dr). Really enjoyed the FW experience. Quiet, peaceful but still had the WDW atmosphere. Have wanted to go back to FW since 90, but had no camper. Did the tent thing at Grayton Beach, FL one summer- no more tents. Then the kids came along and we waited until they were older to return to WDW. In summer 1998 we stayed at DL. Then Christmas 1998 we split the trip staying at CB with friends 4 days, then DL with in-laws 4 days. Surprised the kids with a return trip in summer 1999 staying at AS Sports and Movies 7 days before the APs expired. What a thrill to surprise your kids with a trip. They thought we were going to the beach until we drove down the road with the large "Welcome to Walt Disney World" sign over the road. They "flipped smooth out", screaming, cheering, laughing. Spouse and I cried. If you ever get a chance, surprise your kids with a trip. Funny thing was the oldest girl could read but never noticed any road signs saying Orlando, Universal, Epcot or anything. They did question us about the signs with the dwarfs on them. We covered it up somehow though. Now anytime we drive for over an hour, they get suspicious. They want to be surprised on the next trip also although I doubt we can pull it off again. Anyway, we are getting ready to purchase a pop-up and go again. Next time, and probably from now on, (unless we fly) we will stay at FW. The resort prices continue to rise and the FW prices are very reasonable offering more opportunity for discounts as well. This provides us the chance to stay longer and not rush. In addition, having the RV will also provide us with the chance to go work at WDW several weeks one summer. We both teach school and have the time to do that. Spouse is afraid that WDW will lose it's magic if we work there. I however, am not afraid. Our next trip is scheduled for Dec 2000 at ASM. I have already paid the room off so when we get and RV the ressies will be changed to FW for a longer stay. It will be apx twice the $ for ASM as FW, so we can stay twice as long (with APs). We can take days off from the parks and hang out in the campground. So now you know my family's WDW history and future plans. Every day I look forward to reading "the boards" this board especially. Thanks. WUAS

DH and I are both 30-ish(heavy on the -ish). We have 3 DS's all teens. We have stayed at FW twice and cannot wait to go again in 2002. (We are doing the Cruise in 2001.)I love this campground so much. We have a 23 ft travel trailer but are upgrading to a 5th wheel next year. My best tip would be to try to think of what you can't live without at home and purchase another one to keep in your trailer (toaster, pots and pans, alarm clock etc.)That way you never "forget" anything at home!
Hi there!!!I am 39(had to swallow hard on that one)and so is my DH although he will be 40 in Sept and I am BARELY 39!!Our DD is almost 3 and her bd is also in Sept.We have tent camped at FW and recently purchased a good used pop-up.We used it the first time the last weekend in April and loved it.We are going again July 3-9 and Dec18-27.I think I like the tranquility of camping the best.We are quiet people and enjoy doing things as a family and just staying at home.I guess that is why I like camping so much.You have a little bit of home with you.My husband really gives me the grand treatment when we go camping.He cooks all the meals and cleans up after himself!!!!All I have to do is stay out of HIS Kitchen area and keep our DD out of his hair while he does this!!!My DH grew up camping and I had aa bad experience when I camped as a teen.He promised me that if I let him show me one time how to do it the right way then I would love it also.He was right and I do love it!
Hi! My name is Barb and I'm 43, DH is 42, DS is 16, DS is 13, and DD is 9. I have been to Disney World 13 times since 1983 - not too bad for living 1300 miles away.

We bought a popup (top of the line Coleman) in 1997 for our trip to FW. (We paid extra to have the AC put on.) We have camped at FW 4 times and July will be the fifth.

I teach school and have the summers off, so we can stay for an extended period of long as we have money. Our reservation this summer is for 22 nights and we may extend that next summer. (We buy AP's and get 3 or 4 trips in a year and then skip a year if I can stand it...I teach junior high kids, so I NEED my Disney time.) DH doesn't have as much vacation, so I usually drive down with the kids and the camper ( I like to take 2 and half days - it seems less stressful that way) and he flys down.

We have always been in the 800 loop. We look at other sites each time we are there, but we always ask for 800 again.

Here are some thoughts/tips that we use: eat at the Trail's End (if your kids want a hot dog or a hamburger, just ask, no extra charge). Use refillable mugs (they will even refill them at the pool in the summer.) Try a golf cart just once if you can. Go to the parks early, get out by noon, spend the afternoon at the pool, shower (not busy in late afternoon), and go back to the parks. Shop at Publix. You will need a poncho. Sit in the rocking chairs. If you are there at Xmas, decorate your site. If you are there on the 4th of July, enter the parade. Talk to your neighbors. Visit Minnie Moo.

I wish I were there now...
Hello. My name is George 40 DW 38 and 2 boy 15,10.I have camped all my life I have even done the winter caming in a tent.My DW and I have been camping at Disney for 18 yrs now we usally go ever other yr,but sometime we sneak in another
trip. We started in a tent then went to a pop-up are lastest pop-up is a 98 colemen when open 22 ft long no air.
We try to get sites close to the pool around 900,1400.Are next trip is Oct 22nd 2000 for two weeks. We have a total of six site's there will be a total of 25 people 4 of which are staying in hotel on ground only coming for a one wk.
We allways bing are bike's with us easy way to get around the campground,and we allways get a golf cart too roam the grounds.

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HI, my name is Robin and I'm 38, DH is 37 and we have 4 kids, DD is 16, DS is 7, DD is 5 & DD is 2. We have a 31ft Jayco Qwest Travel Trailer that we bought last year. WE had a pop-up before then. We have camped at FW almost every year since I was pregnant with my son. SO I went to WDW when I was pregnant twice. We just love the campground. You get a lot more for your money, so we can stay longer. DH has been camping most of his life and started me on it once we got married. I was skeptical, but I do love it and so do the kids. However, I don't tent camp.

This year we are going in July for 2 weeks then are doing a 3 night cruise. I am so excited. Less than 6 weeks to go. I have been making ressies since January, and we were able to book the Illuminations Cruise for one of the nights. The money we save by camping, helps us to do extra's like that.

WE get AP's and try to make it twice in a year. Like this year we go in July, next year we'll go in June. That way we get 2 vacations in on one pass, and if we just want to go into one of the parks for dinner, we don't have to feel like we are wasting a ticket.

We really don't have a preference in the sites, we are trying a preferred site this time, we had one of those the first time we stayed at FW so we thought we'd try it again this year
My name is Stacey. I am 27 years old as is my husband Scott. We have 5 year old twin daughters.
We tent camp and love it. We have two tents joined by a crawl thru tunnel. One for the girls and one for us.
We have camped at FW twice and will be going again this December.
We buy annual passes as well and go 2 - 3 times during the year the pass is good. Camping makes that possible.
Go and see the water parade at least once and go to at least one of the campfire/singalong/movies. They are alot of fun.


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My husband and I are both 35 and we have 3 girls(8,5,15 months). We have camped for over 10 years but this July will be our first time at FW. We started out with an 18 ft travel trailer, traded for a 23 ft., traded that for a 29 ft, got out of camping for a couple of years then got a 24 ft. tt, now we have a 34 ft motorhome. It is safe to say we have had more rv's that cars. I love the mh and really there is no better way for us to vacation then to camp. Things get mighty expensive when kids are added to the equation. My hubby and I have the summer to play with and are beginning our tour with Tennesee, then visiting my sister in SC, and ending the trip with FW!! Am I looking forward to summer or what!! Happy camping!! MJ
Hi I'm Kathy and my DH is Len. We are both 46, and we have a DS 12 and a DD 9. We are tent campers with a large 2-room tent. We stayed at FW for the first time this past January and will certainly do it again (even though the temperature went below freezing the first night we camped there this year.LOL) We thought it was one of the nicest campgrounds we've seen, and we have some really beautiful ones here in Ontario. I like the fact that you can still have the Disney feeling without paying an arm and a leg. We don't know when our next trip will be, but hopefully it won't be too long before we can go back.
we basicly have always camped at wdw. did spend a few nights at all stars but like the camping better. i'm 49 my dw is 48, dd 23, ds 22, dd 19. don't know the exact number of visits, (haven't kept track) but probably about 6 to wdw. i lived in san diego growing up and visited dl about 6 times. all have fun
Hello Everyone!
We are myself 37, DH 35, DD 17, DS 15
We are fairly new to camping having just last year bought a nice used motorhome. We took our first major trip to FW the week after Thanksgiving in '99. I was a bit apprehensive about the trip since besides our family my sister and 2 nieces 15 and 9 AND my mom were coming along. I thought it might be too close for comfort. Well, thank god it turned out to be the absolute best vacation we ever had!! FW is beautiful and we all agreed that on our next trip (2 weeks in 6 and 7 of 01) we will keep some free days just to spend more time at the campground. Some of my faves: The Swamp Trail, The Petting Farm, The Campfire Program, The Peacocks, The Nice Cleans Rest Areas, The whole atmosphere at FW with people putting x-mas lights up at there sites and I could go on and on!!! Counting the days till 6/24/01!!!
Hi Everyone,
My name is Sharon (37) and my dh hubby is (37). I have 2 kids. My son is almost 12 and my daugher is 8.
I've been camping all my life. My parents were big into camping and I have been camping all over the United States except for Alaska and Hawaii. (of course, after I married, my parents went
I have a 26 foot Dutchman Popup camper. My hubby and I have been camping since we were married (our anniversary is July 2 and we will be married for 15 years /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif )
I camp at FW every time we go to DW.
We will be going in less than 3 weeks. July 7th-17th and can't wait. I've requested Loop 900 and if I can't get that Loop 800. /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif
I am orginally from Michigan, but live in Florida now. (DW is about a 6 hour drive for us).
We haven't been to DW in about 4 we are really looking forward to this trip. (we usually go ever year).
I am a teachers aide, so the only time I can go is when school gets out. Looking forward to putting on my mouse ears again
Sharon in Florida
Wife to Cameron for the past 14.11 years (July 2)
Taxi Mom to: Christopher-11.10 & Kayla-8.3
My Trips to DW:
Next Trip: FW 7/2000
FW-6/94, 95, 96

Hi, my husband and I have 3 kids: boy:14; boy:11; girl:4almost5. We just bought a new pop-up and will be camping at Disney for 3 nights in July. We've stayed in All Star Sports previously. We just started camping and so far everyone loves it. So, we're going to try camping and Disney together--that's just got to be a slice of heaven!! I'm thinking that if this works, I'll be able to plan trips to WDW more often.

By the way, anyone from way up north where it's winter 6 months of the year who has every towed a pop-up in December to WDW? We have tentative plans to do this the first week fo December, and I'm wondering how it works. Do you stay in a hotel on the trips down and back?

Thanks--I just found this site and discussion board and I am really excited!!


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