Tell me more about the Buena Vista Factory Store...


DIS Veteran
Mar 26, 2001
Do they have the stuffed animals and CD's (everything) too? Is it a big location or rather small compared to the store in Downtown Disney. We always hit Downtown Disney to buy souveniers with the DC 10% discount. Is the BVFS as good a place to go? For us part of the fun of the souvenier is to get it at WDW. Downtown Disney is pretty close plus you don't have to carry everything around all day or get a locker like you do in the parks.
This mall is located on S R 535,near a Publix and Eckerts.

It carries closeout Disney Merchandise. I didn't even worry about a discount as Disney hats were $2.99,Dh got a Disney Sports hat,they also had a cute Mickey, I Survived Count Down to Extinction!! and the fishing style hats and more!! They also had a A wall and a half of the beany plush for $3.99 your choise. and shirts from $4.99. they had a lot of small sweat shirts and mens tank tops. Some Halloween costumes,trading pins$1.99,some baby clothes,and toys,and tons of stuff I can't remember!!



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