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Aug 26, 1999
Well, family matters mean we may not get to HH next March as we'd hoped. I'm so disappointed. But we're looking at next November. Please tell me how November is so much better than March. Most importantly, are the golf rates cheaper in November (DH loves his golf)? How's the weather? One thing we love in March is that it's so quiet-is November any "busier" feeling? I'm thinking specifically about Thanksgiving maybe.


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May 9, 2000
Athough the resort is sold out for Thanksgiving, the resort still has its quiet laid-back feeling. The only times we've experienced crowds are at the campfires and the Turkey Bowl football game on the beach on Thanksgiving Day.

Weather is probably very similar to March -- you can have your good days and bad days. We've had days when we've been able to sit out on the beach or use the pools. The ocean is probably a bit warmer than in March, but I still won't venture any further than walking along the water line barefoot. ;)

DH and DS golf and have gotten some very good rates -- can't compare them directly to March, though.

Hilton Head is Hilton Head -- just a great place to be any time of the year, IMHO! :flower:


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Nov 25, 2001
My first trip to HH was in October... the weather was hit or miss like the previous poster mentioned... the kids didnt mind the Ocean temp. I thought they should of heated the pool a bit more.

I enjoyed being able to walk around without sweating.... lol

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