Tea at Palo for 17-year-old?


You can't stop the beat!
Nov 6, 2000
Hello :)
My family and I are seriously considering taking the 7-day Magic cruise on June 29th, after I graduate. I'm interested in attending the tea at Palo, but I won't be 18 until August - would I be allowed in, being a month shy of 18? I was in England over this past summer and really loved having tea there. :)
Well, I don't know how much of an answer this is...but I can't stand to see you cry! ;)

Palo is for guests 18 and older. There has been some talk on these boards of "mature looking" 17 year olds not being asked for ID, but I wouldn't want to chance it. You could always plead your case when the reservation is made and hope for the best.

Also, High Tea reservations are *very* difficult to come by. Concierge guests get first crack at them and there seem to rarely be any left after that (according to what I've read from others here).

If you are spending any time at WDW either before or after your cruise I'd suggest doing the tea at the Grand Floridian. It is very nice and has lots of different choices.

There was a big discussion about this regarding an almost 18 YO and dinner.

Technically, Palo's is for adults, 18 and older - regardless of whether it's brunch, tea or dinner. So, you must really make your own decision with regard to your own circumstances. AFAIK, Disney does not "card" people entering Palo's and they certainly don't seem to make an effort to enforce the dress code.

We didn't have any problem getting a ressie for High Tea, and it was by no means full when we were there in October.

Palos was fantastic for brunch and dinner, but the high tea was a little bit of a dissapointment, and I wouldn't waste my valuable ship time doing it again. It was very simple, just small tea sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, and english trifle or eclairs. You also chose your own type of tea for your pot. It was nice, but niothing compared to brunch or dinner at Palos.
I'm interested in attending the tea at Palo, but I won't be 18 until August
My DD is in the same boat as you Amzey. We're booked on the June 29th cruise for her graduation and will be taking her friend along as well. Her friend will be 18 at the time we sail, but DD won't be until Sept. :( I wanted to give them both facials at the spa for a surprise, but since she'll only be 17.... It figure it can't hurt to ask so I plan on checking at the spa once we board. Maybe you can do the same at Palo's? Good luck!

Wow, Mickey4Me, how funny that we're in almost the exact same situation. :) A little off from the original topic, but are your daughter and her friend planning on going to Common Grounds? I'm thinking that I'll be a lot older than most of the people there and I don't think I'll go - just curious what other older teens are doing.


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