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Nov 19, 2001
No, I'm not suggesting a sing-a-long (LOL), but am wondering if anyone knows what time sunrise ususally is this time of year. Someone in my office told me not to miss one, but if I'm going to be up all hours I'm wondering if I'll even bother to see it. Suggestions and opinions are appreciated......

BTW I'm cruising in 8 days!
Not sure about the sunrise - as I don't rise that early! But, we were always missing the sunsets on our trip as we had early dining - This April we are choosing late dining and looking forward to enjoying the sunsets.
One of the stations on the in-cabin TV, plus those TV's located in some of the corridors. Let you know your position on the sea, how fast they are cruising and the time of the next sunrise and sunset.

I agree - do not miss the sunrise.
As posted above the exact times can be found on your in-room tv... for your planning purposes, this time of year... a few minutes before or after seven should be about right...

Don't worry SeaShelley....... twice this week I have gotten up at 4:30....... I'll make sure you are up in plenty of time to see it!!
A word of warning... since the ship's officers don't know exactly where the ship will be at either sunrise or sunset (on the days when the ship is at sea), their listed time of sunrise or sunset is just an estimation. If you plan on rolling out of bed five minutes before the sunrise just to see the sun come up, you may find that you've missed it by 15 minutes or more.

SeaShelley, which itinerary are you going on? I have some resources which lists the sunrise/sunset times for fixed points such as your ports of call.
Thanks everyone....Dave we are sailing on 1/27, 4 night Wonder with a stop in Freeport. Looking forward to getting that info.

My dear Mermaid......4:30 am????? That's just wrong on so many'd better at least have coffee ready!!:D

Sunday, 1/27: Sunset at Cape Canaveral is at 5:59. You won't be too far off from that onboard the ship.

Monday, 1/28: Sunrise at Nassau: 6:54, Sunset: 5:52.
Tuesday, 1/29: Sunrise at Freeport: 7:01, Sunset: 5:55.
Wednesday, 1/30 Sunrise at Castaway Cay: 6:55, Sunset: 5:52.
Thanks Dave!!! That's terrific! Now if I can just get Mermaid to sleep in!!!!:D
After being in the Navy, I can say that sunrise/sunset should not be missed!! I have seen them on land on the east and west coasts here and abroad but the best IMO are at sea. Just as a humerous note, my wife and I planned a sunrise wedding in Nags Head NC in 1991. That was the only morning that was overcast. I can't wait to see more!! Two weeks from today!!
What a great question SeaShelley,

Thanks Dave, for the info. I'lm on the same ship a SeaShelly, can't wait!!

I was on the Magic a few years a go and loved the SunRise. I ordered early Room Service and loved being up to see the sunrise with a walk around the deck. Then off to a real breakfast when the sleepyheads were up!

Great Way to start the day!

One week to go!
LanaJayne, be sure to meet the rest of us DISers one hour before the lifeboat drills in the atrium in front of the mickey sure to wear a lime green ribbon....which will tell everyone (who knows about it anyway:) ) that you're a DISer!!

7 days and counting........:D



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