Summer's Last Hurrah September 2021 Exercise Challenge


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Mar 18, 2015
I have been doing pretty good with my time lately except for yesterday. Monday on my walk I hurt my hip. I am no clue what I did. I was just walking and then started to get shooting pains through my hip. About 24 hours later it was much better, though today I can still feel it but it is just a dull pain now. So I only missed one day of getting my 30 minutes.

Sept 8 -- 30
Sept 9 -- 30
Sept 10 -- 25
Sept 11 -- 53
Sept 12 -- 58
Sept 13 -- 34
Sept 14 -- 0

Total -- 440/900

I am a bit a head of my time. I only need 28.75 a day. I am going to keep working on getting ahead of my time. My goal is to end a head of time and think about upping my time next month to 45 minutes a day.

Elizabeth Smith

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May 7, 2017
Happy Hump Day! We're halfway through the week AND halfway through the month! We have just a few days left of summer before we dip into fall...

Now, let's announce the color changes! piglet1979 and BonnieF have both reached Sun Kiss Orange (and piglet1979 is suuuupppper close to the next color change as well!) Meanwhile, sophy1996 and I have reached Popsicle Purple. Hooray!

To fit today's theme, how about a recipe for a Pandora Night Blossom inspired popsicle?