Strollers in the rain tip...


Earning My Ears
Apr 3, 2001
My friend just returned from WDW and gave me a good tip for my trip...
In case it rains while you're touring the parks... be sure to carry with you one of those clear stroller rain covers (they cost about $7-$10 at baby stores).

According to my friend, it poured the day she went to MGM. Since she had the clear cover, her DS could see out and not get drenched. Most of the other people at the park used the ponchos sold at WDW to cover the strollers. She said that because the little ones couldn't see out, they got VERY irritable, and since it rained most of the day, she saw many miserable babies. Plus, the ponchos are made to fit a person and not a stroller, so they didn't fit over the strollers properly. Finally, since she brought her own stroller, if she would have left it out in the rain while she was in lines and on rides, the cloth would have been sopping wet.

Hope this helps some of you.
Thanks I didn't even think about this. I guess that is one more thing I need to pack.
Thanks for sharing, I've seen those at Toys R' Us and never even thought about buying one!


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