Staying at Portofino, don't want to go to pks. this trip...


Feb 9, 2000
Okay,we will be in Orlando for a couple days, and really want to try out Portofino Bay Hotel,But I DON'T need to go to the parks on this trip... I just want to get into a few restaurants in City walk...Margaritaville, Motown, Nascar I HAVE to acctivate my tickets to just go to citywalk?? (We will be returning to Hard Rock Hotel a few weeks later with my son, THIS is when we will do the whole US/IOA deal) Since it is just my husband and myself for our 1st short trip, I thought it would be fun to have a "night out" at Citywalk,no parks,no kids...just us for this trip. Does anyone know if I have to pay to just go to citywalk... afterall, I will have the boat from Portofino Bay to get back and forth. Please let me know...someone out there!! ;)


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Sep 26, 2000
Hi Lori,

Nope you dont need your pass. You can as you say use the boat anytime to city walk and as a guest of portofino also enjoy priority seating at all restaurants except Emeril's. Just show your room key. Also if you wanted to eat at Mythos in IOA you could do that too w/o activating your pass just ask at the gate and they give you 2 hours to eat and mythos will stamp your reciept that you show at the gate when you leave. I would LOVE to go to Portofino and just enjoy the hotel for a few days! Lucky you :D Have Fun


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Apr 6, 2000
Nop you will not have to activate your passes to enter CityWalk. Just use the Portofino boat serivce like you said to get to CityWalk. Have fun!



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