Sponge Bob Squarepants?


Driver of the Ultimate Driving Machine
Aug 21, 1999
We will be visiting US early in March, and my DD (age 3) just loves the Nickelodeon show Sponge Bob Squarepants. Has anyone seen him at the parks?
We were at Universal Orlando last week and saw Sponge Bob. He was outside the big store by the gate in the early afternoon.

We also saw the Rugrats and Shrek there.
He is there......at the Studios. We were there the first week of Jan & then on the weekend of the 1/19th &20th. We saw him both trips. He was over by the entrance a few times and then over by ET.

spongebob rules!!!!!!!! i should know (hence my name)
:rolleyes: Ask my son, SS is the BANE of my existence...

On the way to Nickelodeon Studios there is a souvenir store busting at the rims with SS paraphernalia, and yes, I spent most of my time there steering my son AWAY from it! :D
We have seen SpongeBob almost everytime we have been to Universal. We've also seen Chuckie, Angelica, Tommy, Eliza Thornberry, Donny, Woody woodpecker, Shrek and Prince Farquot several times. Usually they will pose for photos only. Most shake hands or hug. Most character's costumes make it difficult to speak or sign autographs but some do it.
The best time for any character viewing is first thing in the morning, close to the front gates. But they all make many apprearances all day especially around Nick Studios and in front of the main store just before the street to Nick.


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