Space Shuttle Launch Dates


Nov 2, 1999
Space Shutle launches are scheduled for
Feb/06/ at 6:37pm and on March 1 at 9:40am

Wife and I will be staying at the Best Western Oceanfront at Cocoa beach on 3/01. Has anyone watched a shuttle launch from this area?
They don't close the beach during a launch do they?


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We were there in May for a missile launch and the beach was open. We waited 2 hours but it was cancelled. The locals say they watch everything from the beach. We were on the boardwalk that jutted out quite a distance and they charged $1.00
We were really disapointed but had a delicious dinner on the boardwalk I don't remember the name of the reaturant but it is the last one and has an exit that leads to the observation area. The cocunut shrimp were lucious.

Mom of teens
While I've not experienced a launch from that vantage point, I'm betting it'd be quite remarkable being so close. I live across the state in Tampa and still enjoy watching the shuttles go up across the horizon. I hear they are quite loud up close though, and since the boardwalk charges for a good view maybe earplugs are a good idea?

Just a thought.. ever been to the space center? It's interesting for a day trip, just don't go on a launch day, as many sections are closed down to the public for safety and security reasons.



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