Slow Posting Replies....?


DCL Diva!!
Jun 29, 2001
Anyone else finding it very hard to post replies? Seems to take forever. Sometimes I have to refresh in the middle and hope the reply posted.

I was wondering if that might be a reason there doesn't seem to be much action on the board today.

I was having the same trouble last night. I would have to click off after a bout 5 minutes of waiting. Some post were there, some not.
Slow posting and wrong time. Sometimes can't even get on
unless thru back door and then have to sign in as if first time :(
Hopefully it will all work out soon.
No trouble posting, but the board doesn't seem to be keeping up with the replies. On posts it will say who the last reply was and the time of the reply, but when you get into that thread, there are a bunch of replies after what the front page identifies. This is the case regardless of if the board is refreshed. Strange.

Although in my case I even have trouble getting the topics, and the home page, to load. When I type in the web page address it takes quite awhile for it to load, and then when I click on a thread I want to read it again takes quite awhile to come up, and same for posting a response. I don't know what the problem is but I've had it for quite some time, maybe it's my server, or my antique computer....I just don't know....but it's annoying. I don't come here as often as I used to for that reason, I get tired of just sitting here waiting, and waiting, and right now, I'm in the process of cleaning up my kitchen so when I click on something new, I get up and go clean for a couple of minutes....then come back. I wish it was faster.....sigh......I would like to visit the other boards like the community page, debate, etc. but it just takes too long for the pages/posts to come up. :(


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