Slinkyman's Wishes Come True Trip Report:DAYS 8 & 9 Added post 193 & 194


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May 6, 2003
I don't really get a chance to post much on the boards but after reading your report of Ink and his wonderful trip I felt I couldn't leave this thread without saying a huge thank you to Bug for allowing us to read her story.

I myself had cancer in my early teens (I've been in remission now for 10 years) and looking back now I know that I found the strength to fight from the love of my friends and family, particularly my mum. Bug, you sound as great to Ink as my mum was to me during my illness and I'm sure that a lot of his strength comes from your love and devotion to him.

My parents took me to Disney World Florida when I was ill too aswell as Sea World etc etc and I had the most amazing holiday of my life. I remember that trip with such fondness now and everytime I look at my photos (trying hard to ignore the dodgy 80s clothes LOL) I realise just how much my parents loved me and how much my illness affected them. Ink too will always remember this wonderful trip and everytime he does it will remind him of your love for him.

Ink seems like a very strong young man with wonderful friends and family. I hope the future is everything you all wish it to be.

Lots of love from Ireland,


Hi Cat,

Your story is the type that gives me the inspiration and the strength to make it through each day. I don't want Ink to grow up to fast but will cherish the day I can say he has been cancer free for 10 years- and I know he will make it to that point. His strength might come from my love and devotion but mine comes from his love and devotion also. He is not afraid to say I love you, give big hugs and give kisses. We feed off of each others determination. His lack of self pity always amazed me as he had every right to feel sorry for himself.

Thank you for your kindness in posting here and giving me even more strength to face each day. Everyday is another day we have that is putting us further away from the cancer he had.

Hugs:hug: to you,



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Sep 17, 2004
Great report! I think that dolphin excursion has our name written all over it for our next cruise!! Your trip report is more effective than the Disney vacation guides, I ready to book! lol.

I must say that Ink is sporting a mighty nice pirate hat, ;)

Aww catmac, so sweet and touching! Congratulations on 10 years cancer free!


Jul 10, 2006
I know CL_Slinkyman and CL_smalld from VMK. They were introduced to me by my daughter CL_Pinkpokadot. I do not post on these boards as much as I do on Land but like to puruse on and off. I remember well the post on Magic when Slinky first said he was sick. At first I thought it was just a cry for attention ( I know that is harsh but we all know what gets said on some of these forums). As time went on we learned the truth and Slinkyman became very much a part of our prayers. I must admit in very many ways he is my hero. To approach the situation as he did with courage and determination was amazing. Bug- I really do not know you but have heard from LadyV the stories. I was impressed when I first heard what Make A Wish and Disney did. However after reading the newsletter and then finding your trip report here I am truly overwhelmed. Disney people love the magic and making the magic happen. On VMKLand we treat and welcome others as family. What you have described in your reports is all of that multiplied many times over. I am impressed that Yavn and Dog would make the time to fill the dream. To me that is more than special-that is the magic. Thank you for your time in writing all this down and sharing. Blessings to your whole family.
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    Apr 7, 2007
    Dear Bug and Family,
    Thank-You for sharing your amazing Trip with everyone. This entire Thread is just beautiful! Certainly has brought tears of joy to my eyes!! And I know you're not finished yet, with telling about your trip.
    I just had to post a reply and let you know that this is a wonderful thing that you have done, by sharing your trip with everyone. I am sure that it will bring much happiness and hope to many other families, in one way or another.
    I personally have not met Ink, and I hope to someday in the game. He sounds like remarkable person! He has a wonderful, caring family! And I'm sure that his personality and joy of everything Disney, just radiates and touches those around him! He's blessed to have a great Mom :) I have been lucky enough to have met you though in VMK. Yes, it was me you had tried to help a few times with that Green Car in Mansion, before they changed the quests :) Thanks! :)
    All of the pictures are so Beautiful! I don't know how you even begin to decide which ones to post! Looks very much like you all made the very most of every second you had on the trip.

    Hugs, Astro :grouphug:

    Berry Princess

    May 3, 2007
    How cool that you did the dolphin swim!!!:banana: I love the pics of the boys all dressed up. Looks like it was a never ending trip of fun!! And pirates cool is that?:goodvibes


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    Jul 19, 2006
    Thanks for the update Bug. Each day gets more and more magical! The swimming with the dolphins is a dream of mine and to see those photos and the joy in your's and Ink's eyes is just amazing. Someday I hope to do that very thing.

    Again, an amazing story for an amazing boy, neh! an amazing Family! God Bless you all!
  • Spongeblair

    Sep 17, 2005
    We got our wristbands and had some time to kill so Ink decided he wanted to try snorkeling. The water is just so amazing. It is so clear and the color is impossible to describe. I had tried to describe it to Ink before the trip but when he saw it for himself he said to me “wow mom know I know what you mean by the water”. Here is a picture Ink took with a water camera while snorkeling:

    If you look really closely you can see me waving to you smiling. Once again the trip looks amazing and Slink you rock! Hope to see more of you all on VMK when my exams finished. In the French exam I had a little time to spare so I made a sentence:
    CL_Slinkyman! Garder sourire et puis tout ton vouloirs venir vrai.
    It means CL_Slinkyman! Kepp smiling and may all of your wishes come true!
    But I can see they already have!


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    Sep 5, 2005
    Looks and sounds like a great couple of days!:goodvibes

    Love all the pictures!

    Waiting to hear the rest! :goodvibes


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    Feb 18, 2007
    Your reports and pictures have been wonderful. I am very happy for you and your family. Have a very nice magical trip!
    P.S. Its so exciting you'll get to see the underwater mickey.;)
    :boat: :boat: :boat: :boat: :boat: :boat: :boat: :boat: :boat: :boat: :boat: :boat:
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    Apr 21, 2006

    I am so happy that all of you had a trip of a lifetime! Wishing you all only good things and good health in the future.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and photos.
    .:grouphug: :grouphug:
    Hugs and More Pixie Dust.


    PS :cheer2: And to Yavn and Dawg thanks for making their trip extra special. :cheer2:


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    May 31, 2007
    Omg, i'm sitting here trying not to cry.
    Like everyone said this is the magical story.
    :sad1: :sad1: :sad1:
    Im glad the wish came true.
    Im excited to see more pictures!! :thumbsup2


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    Apr 20, 2006
    Bug I've told you many times in game how well written your report has been. You may have to look into a career in travel reporting. Not a bad way to make a living! ;) And here you have a great portfolio to get you started.

    I'm glad you posted your dolphin pic. It's a side we don't get to see in the other, posed, pictures. Dh and I sat on shore watching that dolphin swim when we docked in Cozumel. It was so awesome to see how well the dolphins stay together to make all the people "ski". We were at the park by default and didn't have the excursion booked, but it was peaceful sitting in the sun and watching.

    You will indeed say soon enough that Slink has been cancer free for 10 yrs. :goodvibes


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    Jun 22, 2007
    I have tears in my eyes! I'm so glad that ya'lls trip turned out so good. We are going on our sons wish trip in Sep. This will be a 1st for our fam. We are very excited!! Best wishes, lots of prayers and some more pixie dust for you and your fam. :)


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    Jun 19, 2007
    Wonderful report and photos!! THIS is what Disney is all about. I am happy for you and your family that this trip was a dream come true. After all you all went through it was a much needed and well deserved great trip!!! I can only imagine how emotional this whole difficult time has been for you, the trip report itself was so emotional. Best wishes and prayers for good health for Slinkyman!


    Apr 2, 2010
    I realize this thread is old; however, my friend, lovethattink, posted the link in our PTR and I must say WOW!!! I am blown away by the magic your family enjoyed and so delighted to see how so many dreams came true for your son. I pray he is well and that each day there is a bit of Disney Magic in your heart! AMAZING!!!! Thank you for writing this TR. :flower3:


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    Jun 23, 2005
    Oh wow did this bring back memories-I was just thinking about Slink and Bug the other day-hope all is well!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slink must be in college by now or at least a Senior! Bug love to you all from Zack and I-Believe and miracles do happen! In faith and trust and Pixie Dust-gayle aka snshine!


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