Silvert Lake Resort???


Feb 13, 2002
Anyone stay here before? I won a skyauction and choose the silverlake....good choice right? any info. would be helpful. I looked around the web and found nothing but good. What do you "EXPERIENCED" Disney duffs think?
Thanks..everyone here is sooo awesome!
We drove thru it to check it out a couple of weeks ago. It is definately close to AK! The lobby and gift shop were well maintained, we did not see the inside of the rooms though. It was in the evening and the pool had quite a few kids in it. It looked like a nice pool and they seemed to be having a great time. I'd stay there! Let us know how it is when you return.
Hi...good choice!!...we stayed there in a one bedroom about 5 months and it was excellent..also from sky was over 1400 sq. feet, two bathrooms, one a huge suite with shirlpool tub and walk in are very close to Akingdom and AK Lodge via Sherberth rd.....ask for easy directions at the desk....only 3 or 4 is super..Ted

Thanks everyone! This board has been the most informative and helpful piece in my quest for an awesome honeymoon! I am REALLY excited now about getting married and going to Disney World (June 1st). My fiance is going to go nuts when she finds out where we are going. I am not going to tell her until we get to the airport......maybe later if I can get away with it! I know it sounds mean, but I love it. She had never been to any of the Disney parks before she meet she loves it. I proposed on Splash mountain right before we went down the fall (almost lost the ring) so this is going to be awesome! Thanks again to everyone and this board! You all ROCK!
We got a 2-bedroom for my wife and I and the kids for late April...and had a choice of several places in the area. This sounded and looked like the best.
The only negative thing I've heard is that the pool is not quite big enough to accomodate everyone...but it looks pretty big to me and I'm sure with so much else to do it won't ruin our trip!
I'm sure you've seen the website...but just in case, check it out:
Have fun!


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