Silly checking-in clarification questions.

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    I'm a Disney vet, but meeting both sets of grandparents (my sons grandparents) there for the first time (well, the first time in many years, anyway).

    I've booked them all on ME from the airport and am working on EXPLICIT instructions for them from airplane to parks, essentially.

    Grandma #1 - arriving incredibly early. She'll ME to POFQ, leave her carry on and head to DTD to meet friends. Should she try to check in at 9 am when she gets there knowing that the room won't be ready? (We've requested close or connecting rooms so I'm figuring if they know that early it might stand a better chance of happening - also forgoing online check in for this reason - agree or disagree?)

    Grandparents #2 - arriving noonish the next day (we may possibly be at the parks). ME to POFQ before check-in time. They can pick up their KTTW cards so they can get into the parks, right? Then will they have to "check-in" again later?

    Is there anything about Disney check-in, ME, getting to the resort that you find confusing that I should tell them about? Any problems you've had that I should warn them of?

    (They are all planners themselves but have left this up to me, so if something is iffy I suspect them to have some serious issues with me, which I'm trying to avoid).
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    I totally get it! I am a (over) planner too. My dh would not get this post at all.

    I think from my experiences and from what I read in other posts I would try to get Gma1 to check in and make sure everything all set. At that time of the day you have your best chance to get your requests. Even if room isn't ready she will have her key and they can text her room number later.
    Also remind them if using ME luggage tags(disney take your luggage for you) vs carrying yourself, that it is 3 hours after CHECK-IN, not plane arrival until you may see your bags. They should carry shorts or swim wear etc if thy will need right away .

    If not using ME for luggage, are they carrying their suitcases as a carry-on or checking it with airline? ME is on the B side so if their airline carrier has baggage claim on the B side they get luggage and then take elevator down ME floor. The tricky part is if you have A side because you have to get luggage, go back up to floor 3 , go across to B side signs for luggage go down that side for ME ( over to A go down get, back up where you started, go across to B side, then down).

    Hope that helps!
    Sounds like some great memories will be made for sure!Have a great trip:goodvibes
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    check in grandma A as soon as she gets to resort and she can leave her luggage carry on or otherwise. IF she has valuable (laptop etc) be sure she goes to the baggage area at resort and they will Lock her good stuff in a cage which is more secure, and give her a tag. FYI There is also a free vault/safe at front desk area.
    If she is carry on luggage she should not be using the DME yellow tags (thats only when you want the airline/disney to pull it and it can take HOURS to get luggage, so if you need shorts/bathing suit etc etc, be sure you have that in hand) There are lockers down by pool area.
    She can also let them know that there was a request for linking reservations for other families to stay near one another...

    Grandma 2 should also check in upon resort arrival and get their passes and off they go, leaving their luggage behind etc.

    have a great trip...some of our best memories all these years later are of the grandparents trip was when my now college age DS was just a toddler...Oh the memories....what life is really about FAMILY time! Magical Wishes to you all! pixiedust:

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