sig test, readjust post count please



a) I'm testing the signature
b) could you readjust my post count? when you get a chance.....
(see, I killed 2 stones with 1 bird on this one!) :jester:
I think last time I checked before it switched over, it was 367. I tried to go back to the old board to double-check but the links are all updated so I cannot. It's a pretty close guestimate.
(also tested the avatar, too)
TSI_Fan, where did you get your avatar? It looks great!

Techboard all rock!!

Pete..(I think). Were you referring to my Tom Sawyer Island avatar? That was a shrunken down version of what normally is in my signature. Well, now that I brought it back, you can see a bigger version of it.
The new one, the Disney recycle one, I got off a Disney icon website. The link is posted in the community board. Just look for the thread asking for help about avatars by Tink29.


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