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Apr 1, 2001
We will be in Orlando June 27 thru July 3rd (flying home on July 4th). At the moment, I have the first three nights at HRH and last four nights at Wyndham Palace at Downtown Disney. After reading these boards, I'm thinking I should reverse the trip and do WDW first and save HRH and US/IOA (FOTL) for the end of the trip. I'm sure the parks will get busier and busier as we get closer to the 4th of July. Should I save FOTL for
July 1 -3?

Any opinions?
Hi Antmaril,
I would most definitely, for sure, do WDW first and save Universal/IOA for last.
If you were to use the FOTL first, you would be disappointed and cranky about waiting in lines at Disney. Even for stuff you love there. The FOTL is just that spoiling.
We did Sea World after being at HRH w/FOTL for 3 days. My kids wouldn't wait 40 minutes for Atlantis! (I really wanted to do Atlantis...)
So, my advice is to save the best perk for last.
Have fun! Patti
I'm with Patti on this, even though I'm doing the OPPOSITE!!

I booked my Disney trip last October, then I decided to add the Hard Rock at the beginning of the trip, could not add it to the end because of my son's school schedule. Now I can only imagine how Disney will feel like after not waiting on line for two days! UGH!


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I agree. We visited WDW first and then USO and HRH last month. Although it was not crowded when we went, we did wait in some 20 minute lines at WDW and I am sure that those 20 minutes would have felt much longer had we just experienced FOTL access first! ;)
Well, I tried yesterday to reverse my reservations at HRH and Wyndham Palace. Unfortunately, the Entertainment Rate was no longer available at HRH and the price at Wyndham Palace would have gone up too if I made the change. I guess we'll just have to do US/IOA first and WDW last.

I'll know better next time!!

Thanks for your input!


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