Should I go to IOA/USF alone?



I have been dying to go to IOA since it opened a couple of years ago, but have plagued by chronic health problems, like severe spinal arthritis and just always sick in general. Because of this and the fact that all of my friends are married or have moved I haven't gone. I've been to USF in '96 with 3 friends and loved it.

My question is, is IOA the kind of place where you could go alone and have a good time or is it best shared with a friend? I'm a 35 year old guy who loves theme parks but feel a little funny jumping on a plane (from NY) and going to IOA/HRH alone. I'm always in pain anyway so I figured what difference is a few rollercoasters gonna make!?!

Anybody do IOA/USF alone for like 2-3 days and how did it work out? Better or worse than you thought? Thanks.

It is better if you go with a friend. However, if you go alone you will still have a good time.

Universal would not be the best vacation choice for someone with severe spinal pains. Why would you want to give yourself even more pain just to go on a rollercoaster???
Hi, Jack:

I'd say DO IT!

If you love thrill rides and your friends aren't available go and have a ball.

You can probably even find a friend or two on these boards. Post when you're going and you might just find someone to hang out with!

Hope you're feeling better. My Mom has spinal arthritis also and I know how debilitating it can be. Take care of yourself...


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Hi Jack,
I've been to the Orlando area a few times on business trips. After taking care of business I'd head for the theme parks. I've done both Universal parks and all Disney parks alone. It's a great experience. Totally different from being with the family or just my wife. I would recommend it for anyone who has the opportunity.
I've done the parks solo. It's sometimes good to do what you want to do and when you want to do it without a group decision.


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Thanks for the input and support, I really want an excuse to go, but again just hoping it's not too weird solo. I'm sure it'll be cool. Have any of you done the solo UO trip while also staying at either Universal hotel for as long as 2-3 days? I guess it wouldn't make much sense flying there from NY anything less than that. Maybe I'll just go, ride the rides, and take up drinking for 3 days. And I don't even drink!


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I went in April for 3 days, stayed at the Portofino and had a ball. It was fun to be able to go on Spiderman as many times as I wanted!

Have a great time!
I'm going by myself this coming August. I haven't settled on any specific dates but I have been dropped off and gone solo before. It a welcomed relief if you get tired of being the pleaser and doing what everyone else wants to do, now you are in total control and you only have you to worry about. I say go for it and have a blast then come back and post a in-depth trip report!

BTTF, when are you going on your trip? Oh, and by the way WELCOME to the DIS! :D Hope to see more postings from you.



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