Secrets to DW

What are the keys under the matt at Muppets 3D? Also, what is the deal with the parrot at Pirate's?
Agree with ALL the above, and above all, go without "expecting" something certain to happen. The surprise of being at WDW is so personal it's hard to replicate.

Our favorites:

Jafar breaking our only blue crayon at Charater breakfast to prove to my "hugging" son that he doesn't like kids! Such a surprise that 12 years later my family still talks about it.

The CM at Blizzard beach giving us a discount on our pictures because after declining several of our possible cards, we burst into song (A jazzy rendition of "The lion sleeps tonight" as I recall)

The surprise of VIP seating at the Lion King show at AK, because the cast member was amazed that I could get my crew of 6 to dress alike in ITTBB jams.

Let the Magic Begin!!
These are so great I don't care how many times you can go there is always new things to learn about..... ok so what about the squirrels?:p
In EPCOT, buy fish and chips, head to the gardens behind the gift shops and catch the British Invasion. A Beatle knock off band that are a blast! This has to be one of my fondest memories.
Before you know it, you will be talkin with a Liverpudlian accent. LOL:)
i don't think anyone mentioned this yet but..... HIDDEN MICKEYS!!!!!!! there a must - just look everywhere for them - there on alot of rides like snow white and there in the pictures as u enter rafikis planet watch in AK - but yeah...
- what about these squirells i never heard about them!!!?:bounce:
I think we established on another thread that there's no such thing as "trained squirrels." I think that poster might have been stretching his rather significant list.
These are the most awsome tips I have ever seen and I have been surfing the net regularly trying to get the most info and tips for my trip in May with our darling granddaughter. Thanks a bunch. How many times have you gone to WDW to get these tips?

Also, 2 questions:

I made reservations for the Wonderland Tea Party for my GD but now have read that I will not be allowed in. I don't know if she will stay by herself since she won't know anyone and she will only be barely 4. Will I just lose my money if she refuses to stay or will they bend the rules and let me stay in the room?

Next, I noticed you mention to go to campfire at FW but I read only on site guests can. Is this true or can off site guests attend?
GailG- call and ask about the Wonderland tea, they will let you know for sure ahead of time...another idea would be the tea at Grand Floridian, you could go to that together!

have a grand time!!
To get to the FW Campfire program. Go to the campground and get on one of the buses. Get off at the Meadows trading post stop and follow the noise!!
As far as the trained squirrels go I don't know for sure if I saw one or not. At Epcot there was a gentleman feeding a squirrel. The squirrel would run up his leg to his stomach and he would give it a cashew and then it would run back down and go eat it. He did this about 5 or 6 times and I am not sure if he was a cm or not because after a while his wife was getting angry so he had to leave. Other people tried to feed the squirrel popcorn but it would not eat it. So I don't know if the squirrel was trained or just friendly but we have some pretty good pictures of it.
Sogger, can you give some more information about the trained squirrels in Epcot? My family and I were accosted by a squirrel in the sit down area by the fish and chips stand in the UK.
I have never seen the trained squirrel myself. As stated, I have cut and pasted information from various posts into a word document of interesting things to keep an eye out for when at WDW. I am by no means an expert.
In the haunted house, you can find an unofficial hidden mickey the the cast member do to drive the imagineEARS (disney engineers). In the ballroom scene on the long table, one of the place setting are set up in the shape of mickey ears. One dinner plate for the face and 2 bread plates for the ears. The cast member do this all the time and the "bosses" find it and more them back to the right place. Way, to funny!!!

Also, in Tomorrowland, right above the bathrooms next to TraderMickeys there are 3 techno looking windows. 2 of the three are open and the other, the imagineEARS put a metal barrior over it to close the window. They weren't SUPPOSED to do it, they just did it to be silly.

Also, on Main Street, look at the windows. Every name on every window stands for something in "Walt's life". Look for the window that states M. T. Lott Real Estate. This was the real estate company that bought the land in Florida which was later discovered to actually be Walt Disney. He used the fake name because he already had DisneyLand and knew he wouldn't have gotten such a great price on the land. Say his Real Estate name outloud, it stands for Empty Lot which is what this part of Florida was before he started development out there with many many many acres bought.

Anyway, that's my addition to this post.
These are great - i really want to print them out and someone mentioned a printable version? How do you do that?

Where are the talking trash cans and water fountains. I saw one trashcan near the entrance of AK. Any othere? Thanks
There is a talking trash can in Tommorowland, I think it's based out of Cosmic Rays. One of the talking water fountains is in future world at Epcot as you are walking towrds Honey I Shrunk the Audience. There is a bathroom on the left before you get there and the talking water fountain is outside.
comic sans

Has anyone ever been the grand marshall of the MK parade and/ or do you know how to do it?
We are going to DW in June and I would love to suprise my family with this.

We luv mickey
and the HOOSIERS


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