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May 21, 2000
I just bought the HP 750. It scans, prints and color copies. The color copier is my favorite by far. This is really going to spice up my scrapbooks. Tonight I copied all our pics that we bought from the rides (Splash Mtn., Test Track, Dinosaur). On our previous trips these were not included in our scrapbooks, but hanging on the wall. I'm so excited now that I can scrap these pics as well. We needed a new printer and I just couldn't resist the extras.

Do you mind my asking a price range you paid ! I have an all in one, but it is borrowed from a friend..... and I print all my digital pictures from my HP Photosmart 1215........ I would love to use something that does it all.... especially if the color copy works good..... saves time on scanning, saving, editing size, bringing it into a printing program, then printing !!!


I paid $249 for it and then bought an accessory kit for $49 more that also gives me a 3 year warranty. The brand I got was HP, but Lexmark also has one for under $200. The guy at Staples really pushed the HP and that's what we have the most experience with, but I have no idea if it's much better. He printed some things for us in the store and HP is SOOOOOO easy to use. I love that you don't have to do anything but punch a "copy" button and there is your color copy. The regular printer I was wanting was around $100. DD needed one at her computer (she got our old one) so I wanted to upgrade. I reasoned if I bought a new printer at $100 and then a good scanner at $80 then this one is not "really" that much more, but does so much more. Anything to justify - :D

We have the Lexmark one, and I would not recommend it. We gave our great HP Printer and cheapo scanner to my nephew and bought the "printer, fax, scanner, copier" The only thing I like is having the copy machine (enlarge/reduce) capabilities. The printing quality is no where near that of our old HP. Neither is the scanner. The colors look terrible. Now if I want to scan or print something and have it look really nice, I have to drive across town to my nephew's. I used to print photos on our other one, but I won't on this one. The only good thing I can say about it is it shows you the levels of ink you have remaining so you can see exactly when you are going to run out. But that is not worth having a poor quality printer/scanner.
I have the Lexmark x83 and I LOVE it. I copied a bunch of pictures with it for my Aunt's Christmas scrapbook and noone was able to tell which pictures were copies and which ones were the original. We have scanned and printed tons of pictures and I think that this machine is the best value..esp those of us who scrap.

My friend bought one too and she just copied her mother's entire wedding was awesome..

Just my humble opinion :D :D

I found out why you are having better results than me. We only have the X73. That explains a lot. It would definitely be worth it to go up a step if you are having such good results, especially with printing your photos, etc... I have enjoyed having everything all in one, (cleared off a lot of space on our desk) but have not enjoyed the quality. It's good to hear that Lexmark does have a printer that does what I want it to do, unfortunately it's not the one I have. Now I will know what to look for when I go shopping!

Thanks for your input!!
I work at Staples. I own the HP 750 and HP 930 and HP 722 and HP color laser 4500 (very expensive). For the money, HP 750 is a good buy. In comparing it to a HP photosmart printer you will not get as good of results in the color copy mode, perse. If you get a very good HP scanner, the stand alone is better there, too. Getting just a HP color copier is a better idea; the resolution is better for color copying. I can't exactly explain why but I've played with all the printers and copiers and all-in-ones that I can to compare. On the low end a strict, color copier will go for $400 and up. I'm looking to upgrade my entire system within the next year and unless something changes dramatically I will get a stand alone color copier and a stand alone printer.


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