Saving Money using your Amex Card???

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Jun 26, 2000
Does anyone know if there is an advantage to using your amex card to pay for your reservation or buy your park tix?? We are going in May and are getting the discount on but were wondering whether Amex will save us any more $$.
Membership rewards points (if you're a member) is the only benefit. Unless I missed something, there are no discounts on rooms or tix with AmEx. But there are discounts on other things, such as a dinner shows, boat rentals, etc if you use your card at check in (White Glove Treatment).


If you use your AmEx to pay for at least 2 nights of your stay at at Disney Resort, you will get a discount on purchases charged to your AmEx at the World of Disney at Downtown Disney. It used to be a 15% discount, but I am not sure if it is anymore.

Any White Glove benefits for using your AMEX at the Dolphin? Already racking up Starwood points... hoping for a free night...
The Swan and Dolphin aren't Disney hotels, so there are no White Glove benefits there. I found out the hard way when I purchased $50 worth of merchandise at the World of Disney Store and expected to get a 15% discount with my American Express card. Because I was staying at the Dolphin - that discount didn't apply to me. :(
MINNIE MOUSE apologies to you for my being so uninformed. I just visited mousesavers (for the first time in months) and saw the AmEx room discounts. (As a corporate and personal card holder, I don't remember getting any info about WDW recently.) Our trip is during the "ask for special rates" timeframe" so I wonder if that's a deeper discount (at moderate resorts) than what DC offers? We're DVC members and usually come down over President's week but with some of these discounts we may start making semi-annual trips!! Again, my apologies.

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It may seem obvious, but just wanted to point out that you have to use your actual American Express card to the get the discount at Downtown Disney. When we went to House of Blues and found out Disney Club discount was only until 4pm, I thought I could use my AmEx white glove discount by charging to my resort card (which was paid with American Express). That wasn't the case. You have to use the physical American Express card and cannot use your room card even if it's tied to American Express. Resort ID is also required when using the discount.
Hi if you pay for you hotel 3 nights min. I think you get what they call the white glove treatment which includes a really cheap fanny pack, but kids love it! plus a coupon book for discounts through out the park. Even if you don't put the hotel on your card you could as of our last trip use your Amex card and show your resort ID at the big disney store at DTD and get 15% off any purchase over $50.
also you might want to check they have some codes to get discounts on rooms using your AMEX. looked like some good prices. hope this link works:
check and see if the rate is better and then call them back and see if they will give it to you.
You can save 20% on the water mice rentals if you use your AMEX. Check out the codes on Mousesavers too. I got a postcard from AMEX that has a discount for the Value and Moderates for the time you are going. I think I got a discount at a restaurant too but you have to use the AMEX card when you are paying.
We are playing our 10 night CSR stay with AMEX, so can I buy $50+ at DtD Disney Store and get 15% off, is that right! THANKS!


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