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Jan 12, 2011
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If you've never had a dole whip - you need to!! Amazing 😋
Then it was time for the Haunted Mansion.
We met some characters whilst waiting for our FP for Space Mountain.515432
We walked over tonSpace Mountain but they were having issues so we waited around 20mins. It really hurt my back this time 😬
Whilst in line we managed to get a FP for Buzz space ranger spin. Then we got FP for Speedway and rode Carousel or Progress whilst waiting.
Then we got a FP for Ariels Grotto. I was extremely excited to meet Ariel. This was by far the best meet and greet.
The plan was to to ride our last FP (space mountain) at 530pm and then leave the park for dinner but we didn't end up leaving until gone 8pm. Tonight we tried Ponderosa. It wasn't great and we won't be going back. We didn't get home until after 10pm.


Jan 12, 2011
Fri 5th Aug 2016
We had some pool time before heading to Golden Corral again for breakfast/lunch around 1130am.
We had to stomp half way round Animal Kingdom for our safari FP. It was really got/humid but we all enjoyed the safari and saw lots of animals. We popped in a shop to cool down and the boys had an ice cream. Then we got the train to Rafikis Planet Watch/Conservation Station. We cooled down and saw some goats and reptiles. We just missed a lop eared rabbit but saw a big lizard.
We got the train back just in time for our FP for Kali River Rapids. We got soaked but it was nice and refreshing in the heat. We then watched Flights of Wonder bird show which was really good. Then we walked over to Expedition Everest for our last FP. We went straight through. B and T rode again SR. We managed to get another FP and all rode again and then B and T rode for a 4th time!
We gor another FP for Character Outpost and on the way there visited Dinosaur Isle. We rode Primeval Whirl which i did not enjoy as kept jolting. But the boys rode again. We got some photos on the way in front of the tree of life.
We managed to get another FP for the Lion King Show - which was as AMAZING as the first 2 times I saw it! It was enjoyed by all :)
We had BK for dinner on the way back.
  • c3h3a3r

    Jan 12, 2011
    Sat 6th Aug 2016
    McDonald's for breakfast this morning, and parked at Hollywood Studios. We got a tram to the entrance and then a bus to Epcot. FP for Test Track. Then made our way over to Character Spot to meet Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. But managed to meet Baymax first 😊
    Then we went to Club Cool for some drinks. Rode Journey into Imagination and then headed to World Showcase. Tyler got soake on the way (obviously 😆)
    We went through the International Gateway walked to the Yatch and Beachclub to Beaches and Cream. We were very early for our ADR so boys played in the arcade for a bit and I enjoyed some people watching. We were all shocked how small the ice cream soda shop was but it was a lovely atmosphere. Against my better judgement (I had already decided that the kitchen sink between us would be big enough to constitute a whole meal) we all ordered a shake and 2 meals between us. Our server was very surprised that we ordered a (choc lovers) kitchen sink after what we had just eaten...🙈..it was huge. Choc ice cream, vanilla ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream, brownies Mars bar, choc chips, fudge sauce and a huge plate cream on the side (I don't like cream) it was delicious. We definitely did not need the meals we had already eaten...I think T and I ate most of it...I felt full (sick🤢) for hours after...I'm not even sure how I managed to walk!
    We waited for a Friendship Boat to take us to Hollywood Studios.
    We had a FP for Rock n Rollercoaster at 425pm so had plenty of time. We took a slow walk through the shops. The boys wanted to ride again so they did. Our next FP was Toy Story - we went on a different track - I swear it was a different experience. We then had a FP for Great Movie Ride and then another FP for Star Tours. I gave star tours a miss as felt a bit sick still...we for a FP for the Frozen sing a long which the boys weren't keen on seeing but I think everyone enjoyed it. I actually thought it was hilarious and thoroughly enjoyed it. T and I went to meet Olaf whilst DH and B did Path of the Jedi.



    Jan 12, 2011
    We had FP for Fantasmic but weren't sure if we were going to make it as boys were hungry but I figured as long as we got a seat it would be fine...however we ended up taking too long at Backlot Express as the server was trying to find take out boxes but couldn't 😬 by the time we got halfway to Fantasmic it was announced that it was standing room only so we decided to leave it. DH had already purchased the BB8 cup but also wanted the Tie Fighter popcorn bucket so purchased that as well. Unfortunately it was filled with salted popcorn which DH doesn't like - so I ended up eating it😆

    Sunday 7th Aug 2016
    Today's plan is:
    Disney Springs
    Typhoon Lagoon
    We do have FP booked for Hollywood Studios but doubt we will go back there as I think we have done everything we want to.
    We decided on Golden Corral for breakfast - it was really busy.
    Picked up some photo albums and Christmas ornaments at Disney Springs. B got a Star Wars book and 3 Tsum Tsums. T didn't want anything. DH got s couple t-shirts.
    We got to Typhook Lagoon around 2pm. We went to the wavs pool first and then rode the lazy river round the whole park. We decided to do Shark Reef next but B opted out. I had an issue with my snorkel so just swam across without seeing anything. I was disappointed as I'd had such a good experience previously. We rode most of the other rides and then had another Sandpail.
    After leaving Typhoon Lagoon we decided to visit the Orlando Premium Outlet stores to visit the Disney Shop. There was reduced priced stock from last season so DH got more t-shirts (he is t-shirt obsessed!) And a hat. Boys chose a Disney Vinylation each. We browse a few more shops before heading back for dinner. B had chosen The Black Angus Steakhouse. It was very enjoyable. Then we came back and went to bed.


    Jan 12, 2011
    Mon 8th Aug 2016
    We had Sizzler for breakfast before going to Universal Studios.
    Wait time for Dispicable Me was 75 mins so we headed for Ripride Rockit but the SR line was 60 mins! So we went on Transformers and then The Mummy. Both were really good. We then walked over to Diagon Alley and explored Knockturn Alley. We did SR for Gringotts but it stopped almost immediately when T and I got seated. Because of the delay we recieved Express Passes for one ride. We chose Dispicable Me - we would ride it later in the day. I didn't ride Men in Black or Simpsons ride as I wasn't feeling great. We shared a huge pink donut and a chicken taco. We watched the Animal Actors show which we all enjoyed. Ripride Rockit was closed as we walked by it so we did Dispicable Me and again we all enjoyed it. Ripride Rockit had re opened so we did SR and waited about 15 mins. B chose not to ride it. It was really good but quite scary - not sure if i would do it again. The ride videos were hilarious 😆
    We had some issues locating our locker. The fingerprint wasn't working and we couldn't remember the locker number ...we asked an attendant for help and finally located it! We were going to make our way to the exit but B had been wanting to watch the Shrek 4D show and the wait was only 15 mins. It was very funny.
    We were going to try Lobster Feast but as i was going to ask if they did Steak or chicken (as neither T or I like seafood), the greeter thought I was going to ask the price - $43 per person!!! So we turned around and went to Wildside Bar and Grill. It was delicious. More expensive than our other meals ($106 plus tip) but worth it.

    Tues 9th Aug 2016
    We woke around 9am.
    Started packing our suitcases :(
    Boys stwam whilst DH and I chilled by the pool.
    It has been raining a little. We have been trying to decide where to go for lunch and what to do for the rest of the day.
    Boys didn't get out of the pool until around 2pm. We decided to try the Chinese Super buffet near the hotel. It was very small but the food was really nice. We decided to go to Disney Quest for a couple hours. The boys really enjoyed it. I really wasn't feeling great. T wanted his dinner so had a chicken nuggets kids meal - no one else was hungry. We probably left DQ around 8pm. B was hungry now so popped into McDonald’s on way back. Mixed feelings about tomorrow...sad to be leaving and getting back to the real world....but cannot wait to see my Mum and sleep in my own bed!

    I think this was taken on the shuttle in the airport.

    I really wasn't well on the plane. The hostesses were amazing - brought me sweets to suck, honey or lemon tea and various other things (which I now don't remember!) I just remember feeling rough.
    When we landed everyone had bacon rolls but even the smell made me feel sick🤢
    Then we waited for my father in law to pick us up. All the way home I had my eyes closed. I just wanted to go home and go to bed.

    ...and then my Auntie and cousin were waiting on the doorstep...

    BUT my Mum is fine and despite a few issues, we really did have an amazing time.
    We are hoping to return in Oct/Nov 2022 but the boys don't want to come 😵 so will just be DH and I. I can't wait to start planning....

    Thank you for reading along and apologies for the delay.

    I'll leave you with my fave photos from this trip which I have had made into canvas' for my front room :)


  • Kate_45

    Feb 27, 2017
    Thanks for the nice surprise trip report. Glad your mum is ok now.

    Can't believe the boys (not really boys I guess) don't want to go to Disney!!!! Guess it gives you more flexibility though as to time of year to go.


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